STEP #10: Review Health Insurance

Watch this U.S. Health Care & Insurance Video Overview


Enrollment is Automatic

International students on F1 & J1 visas are automatically enrolled in the United Health Care (UHC) student health insurance plan each Fall and Spring, which includes Summer in accordance with the University System of Georgia requirements contracted with UHC to provide coverage. 

Alternate Plans & Waivers

Alternate insurance plans must meet certain requirements. They are reviewed by UHC via their waiver request process each semester. UWG is not involved in the process. Please see waiver information below.

Coverage Periods

  • Fall Semester: August 1 - December 31 (5 months)
  • Spring & Summer Semesters: January 1 - July 31 (7 months inclusive)


Please see this USG link for details.

The following information was provided by United Health Care, Nov. 13, 2020:

Q1. Why was my alternate health insurance plan denied by UHC?

USG changed health insurance requirements in the ‘20/’21 Academic Year to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). New plans must cover essential benefits with no lifetime or annual caps on coverage and must adhere to the consumer protections built into the law. ACA compliant plans must be underwritten by a licensed U.S. insurance carrier.

Q2. Why do international students have to enroll in ACA compliant plans? 

Many international plans offered in the U.S. don't provide comprehensive coverage for medical conditions or life-threatening accidents or illnesses. In some cases, alternate plans don't provide basic coverage for doctors or specialists. Therefore changes were made to ensure the proper level of coverage for ACA compliance. 

Q3. My waiver was rejected. Who can I contact?

Neither UWG nor ISAP is involved in the waiver or decision process. To appeal, please contact the University System of Georgia directly at: Be sure to include your name, institution any supporting documentation.

United Healthcare Plan (UHC)

The University System of Georgia provides student ACA compliant health insurance coverage though its contract with United Healthcare, Inc.

2024 - 2025 Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) Overview

UHC Health Insurance Rates 2024 - 2025

  • Student Annual Cost (Fall, Spring/Summer): $4,114
    • Fall 2024: $1,724
    • Spring / Summer 2025: $2,390
  • Spouse (husband or wife) Annual: $4,525
  • Children Annual: $4,525,1 child. $9,052, 2 or more children


Activate Your Plan Here.

Attention: Failure to pay all tuition and fees, including health insurance, or to obtain an approved waiver by the UWG fee payment deadline will result in all classes being dropped, which can lead to termination of immigration status. 

Submit a Claim to UHC for Reimbursement

Mail your claims to:
United Healthcare Student Resources
P.O. Box 809025
Dallas, TX 75380-9025

Customer Service - 1-800-767-0700

Be Aware

  • Waiver Deadline for Fall 2024: TBA
  • Insurance waivers are for 1 semester only and do not renew automatically. 

  • Summer semester is included in the Spring Semester coverage; there is no separate fee or refund for summer semester insurance. 

  • ISAP is not involved in insurance plan reviews, billing, waiver decisions or appeals. All waivers are handled by UHC's internal process. 
  • Advice: Pay all tuition and fees in full, including UHC insurance, by the payment deadline to ensure no coverage gaps or enrollment drop risks for unpaid balances. If your waiver is approved, you will automatically receive a refund. 
  1. Log on to
  2. Click 'Waiver Form' at the bottom. Select institution and complete the form. 
  3. UHC receives and confirms waiver request.
  4. Request is reviewed by UHC.
  5. You will receive an approval or denial email. If approved, UWG will remove the fee from your student account in 3-4 business days and refund the premium if you already paid it.


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