To support the entire UWG community in celebrating and highlighting the multicultural, global dimensions of UWG.

host of international flags


ISAP has acquired a full set of 193 international country flags recognized by the United Nations. They are 3 x 5 polyester flags with 2 metal grommets.

Flags may be checked-out by UWG clubs, organizations, academic and administrative offices for UWG sponsored programs and events. We also have 36 poles available, but not bases to stand the poles.


National flags are symbols of pride, which represent a country's collective identity, history, culture(s) and language(s).

All flags are to be treated with respect and displayed in the proper manner at all times (direction, orientation, off the ground, etc.) and returned to ISAP in the condition they were loaned.

Usage and Cost

Examples of Use

  • Class, Club, & Organization presentations
  • Events with a Global Aspect
  • Photo opportunities for visiting scholars, dignitaries, exchange, international, or multi-cultural students, international artists or speakers
  • Flag Parade
  • Model U.N. Style Events or Simulations
  • Highlighting various affinity cultural celebrations (Lunar New Year, Diwali, Holi, Mardi Gras, Loy Drathong, Dia De Los Muertos...)


  • Free
  • Charges for damages may apply. Replacement cost is $10 each.

How to Request

Please submit the online form below at least 2 business days before your event. You will need to collect the flag(s) in person or designate someone to collect it/them for you. If the requestor is not the same person picking up the flag(s), please let us know in advance, or we won't be able to check-out the flag(s).


Flag Request Form

Pick-up and Return Location

ISAP Office, 1st Floor, Mandeville Hall, Front Campus Drive