All UWG students are required to meet with an academic advisor each semester, prior to registration, to go over the courses they will take to graduate. All undergraduate students have an advising hold on their record that will keep them from registering until they see their advisor. Students should be aware of their registration date and plan to meet with an advisor well in advance of this date. Once students have met with an advisor, their advising hold will be removed and they will be able to register online. Upon registering, they should immediately pay their bill to avoid any late registration fees. Registration dates are determined by students' completed semester hours and the last two digits of their social security numbers. Assigned dates are listed on the Registrar's website.

Students may meet with an advisor in Newnan or in the Advising Center on the Carrollton Campus. Call ahead – appointments are necessary. To determine how your major is advised, find the major on the Advising Center's website.

When students meet with their advisor, they can expect to get information about majors, UWG policies, the Core Curriculum, and career possibilities. If meeting with an advisor to discuss an upcoming semester’s schedule, students are expected to review their transcripts, major (and Core requirements),  the class bulletin and bring a tentative course schedule to their advising appointment. Students who are prepared for advising appointments will get more out of their time with the advisor.