Test Proctoring Policy

The University of West Georgia-Newnan offers test proctoring for students attending both national and international institutions. There is a $20 proctoring fee which is payable in cash only at the beginning of the exam. This fee may be higher for institutions outside of UWG.

 Test proctoring times are Mondays through Fridays with earliest start time of 10:00 A.M. and latest start time 3:00 P.M. Alternative scheduling may be available for an additional fee. However, exams are not proctored on holidays.

To schedule a proctored exam, please call (678) 839-2300 or send an email to newnantesting@westga.edu.

Prior Arrangements

Appointments:  Arrangements for a test proctoring appointment must be made in advance, preferably 2–3 weeks, to enable the Home Institution or Program ample time to provide the testing materials.  It is the Examinee’s responsibility to take the appropriate steps to ensure all testing materials arrive on time. Appointments are made by calling 678-839-2300 during normal business hours or emailing the Test Proctor (newnantesting@westga.edu). At the time the appointment is made, the following information should be provided:

  • Name of Examinee
  • Name of Institution or Program
  • Course Name and Number
  • Instructor Name
  • Test Format (paper or computer-based)
  • Requested Exam Date/Time
  • Time Length of Exam

Special Accommodations: If any special accommodations are needed, the Examinee must inform the Test Proctor in advance and provide the necessary documentation by the time of the Exam.
Note: UWG Newnan cannot guarantee a testing space with zero distractions.

Day of Exam

Identification:  The following identification is required at the time of testing.

  • Photo identification must be presented to the Test Proctor. This ID may be a state-issued ID or driver's license or a passport.
  • A second ID is required that will have the examinee's name, such as a testing confirmation letter, notification from home institution, alternate photo ID, debit or credit card, insurance card, checkbook, or utility bill.

Test Proctor Fee:  The fee for proctoring an eCore exam is $15; UWG exams are $20. For all other exams, the fee is $20 and up.   Fees are payable by cash only at the time of the exam, and a UWG Receipt is provided.  If the completed exam is to be postal mailed and the Home Institution has not provided postage, the Examinee is responsible for providing the appropriate postage.

Items Allowed and Not Allowed:

  • Only items allowed by the home institution or program, such as a calculator or dictionary, can be taken into the testing room.
  • Children are not allowed at the Test Center.
  • No personal items are allowed in the testing room. No cell phones or other personal electronic devices are allowed. There is no storage available at the UWG Newnan, and examinees must make arrangements to store items before entering the building.

Test Monitoring:  The testing rooms are under audio and video monitoring and recording, and may be broadcasted. This type of monitoring is to protect the Examinee, as the Test Proctor is administering an exam in the absence of the Instructor.  Should an Examinee violate the academic dishonesty policy, the Home Institution will be contacted and provided with evidence, if necessary.


Updated July 23, 2018