UWG Newnan Testing Services 

To advance the mission of The University of West Georgia, UWG Newnan Testing Services provides high quality testing services for students, graduates, professionals and individuals from our surrounding communities. This may include departmental, institutional and national certification testing opportunities, administered in an environment that is conducive to testers enabling them to perform to the best of their abilities. 

UWG Newnan offers testing opportunities for students, professionals, and individuals from our surrounding communities. We currently service our local UWG Newnan students for make-up testing and SAR (Student Accommodations Report) students for all their testing needs. In addition, we offer testing services for UWG students with the Georgia History Exam, Constitution Exam, and some institutional Departmental Challenge Exams. UWG Online students and eCore students may register with us to test here in Newnan, as well. Certification testing for AAB is also available in Newnan. 

Testing times are scheduled by appointment only and normal testing dates/times are Mondays through Fridays with earliest start time of 8:00 A.M. and latest start time 4:00P.M. Alternative scheduling may be available for an additional fee. However, exams are not proctored on weekends or holidays at this time.

Testing Appointments 

All testing services are offered through appointment scheduling. Appointments:  Arrangements for a test proctoring appointment should be made in advance, preferably 2–3 weeks, to enable the Home Institution or Program ample time to provide the testing materials.  It is the Student/Examinee’s responsibility to take the appropriate steps to ensure all testing materials arrive on time. Appointments are made by emailing the Testing Services Office at newnantesting@westga.edu. The Testing office will then provide you a form to complete and submit. Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email to confirm or to gain more information from you. 

  • Certification Testing Services are offered in Newnan and are reviewed on an individual test request basis. Please email for more information on fees associated with certification testing. 
  • eCore Students refer to your GoView course instructions on how to register for testing.  
  • Make-up Testing for current UWG Newnan Students check with your instructor first. Should the instructor allow a make-up exam, contact newnantesting@westga.edu to schedule an appointment. 
  • Outside Institutions/Students contact newnantesting@westga.edu to set up an appointment. 
  • Special Accommodations students contact newnantesting@westga.edu as soon as you receive your semester SAR (Student Accommodations Report). Note: UWG Newnan cannot guarantee a testing space with zero distractions.
  • UWG Online Students refer to your CourseDen course instructions on how to register for testing.

Day of Exam

Identification:  Two forms of identification are required at the time of testing.

  • Photo identification must be presented to the Test Proctor. This ID may be a state-issued ID or driver's license or a passport.
  • A second ID is required that will have the examinee's name, such as a testing confirmation letter, notification from home institution, alternate photo ID, debit or credit card, insurance card, checkbook, or utility bill.

Test Proctor Fee:  Testing fees are payable by CASH ONLY and due at time of the exam. You will receive a UWG Receipt

  • Certification Testing $25 per hour of testing period
  • Departmental Challenge Exams $20.00 (UWG)
  • eCore $15.00
  • Georgia Constitution Exam $20.00 (UWG)
  • Georgia History Exam $20.00 (UWG)
  • Outside Institutions $25.00
  • Make-up Testing for Current UWG Newnan Students No charge
  • SAR No Charge
  • UWG Online $20.00

If the completed exam is to be postal mailed and the Home Institution has not provided postage, the Examinee is responsible for providing the appropriate postage. 

Items Allowed and Not Allowed

  • Only items allowed by the home institution, instructor or program may be used during testing
  • No children are allowed in or near the Testing Rooms
  • All personal items, including cell phones, electronic devices, and all watches will be removed from tester and stored in area away from testing
  • Tester will be required to read and sign Testing Services Policy statement at check-in

Last Modified 9/08/22