Marketing is an essential business activity that involves understanding markets, targeting attractive segments, and delivering superior products and services that create value for consumers, partners, and society at large. Our Marketing degree offers students cutting-edge training in the art and science of Marketing and prepares them for future-oriented careers in this rapidly growing field.

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Excellence in Education, Engagement, and Experiences.

A Marketing degree prepares students for a wide range of careers in Marketing, including Brand/Product Management, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Sales Management, Personal Selling, Public Relations, Retailing, International Marketing, and Marketing Research.

We also offer internships, study abroad programs, and several embedded certificates that allow students to focus their studies on various areas within Marketing.

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Student Success

Bjorn Farrugia

Student Success

"I owe a great deal of my success to UWG and the people I found there. Every university has a curriculum and a list of ideas and concepts they’ll teach you, but UWG helped me find my focus for what I want to do after college."

- Bjorn Farrugia


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Go West! Go International!

Enroll in our study abroad programs and to join the local student chapter of the American Marketing Association (The Marketing Club) at UWG.

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