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With programs of study ranging from anthropology to business management and mathematics to theatre, we’re ready to connect you with a career that will improve the quality of your life for the rest of it.

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Great minds aren’t meant to be left on autopilot. When you Go West, you’re making the choice to leave the predictable behind. That’s how you make history. And at UWG, we’re all about new and improved ways to do just about anything.

UWG is home to an entire new generation of thought leaders, trendsetters, and go-getters who are bold enough to follow their interests and discover greatness through research, study abroad, internships, and leadership opportunities. At UWG, we help connect you with what you need to pursue your passions and cultivate your curiosity.

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Need help determining which path is right for you? Start by visiting the colleges and schools that interest you most below.

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Sure, you can Go West from anywhere. You can attend class whenever and wherever is convenient for you. But you can also be confident that you're earning a valuable degree from a respected university. Discover how our online programs work and which programs include an online option.

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Groundbreakers Go West

Great minds aren’t meant to be left on autopilot. Great minds are prewired to explore, venture out, try new things, adapt, and keep growing.