Currently enrolled Honors College students in good standing with the Honors College may register for classes on the second day of registration beginning at 7:00am.  Students may register themselves via Banweb once registration opens, including registration for Honors classes.  Prior to registration, students must meet with their Academic Advisor and ensure there are no advising holds or other holds that would prevent registration.

When you meet with your advisor, you can expect to receive detailed information about your major, the Core Curriculum programs available at UWG, and career possibilities. Your advisor will assist you in planning the next semester's program of study and help you stay on track to finish your degree in a satisfactory amount of time. You can expect the highest level of confidentiality from your advisor. Any personal questions or concerns will remain private.

Find Out What Courses Are Being Offered

To view the Honors Course Offerings, look under the HONR - Honors section of the Schedule of Classes.

Seeing an Honors College Advisor

Find Your Advisor

Should you need assistance registering for classes after you have been advised, or have questions regarding the Honors course offerings and meeting Honors College Graduation Requirements, please contact Ryan Bronkema, Honors College Associate Dean, at

Please note: To remain active within the Honors College, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 and complete at least one Honors course or convert a regular course for Honors credit in an academic year.  This means you cannot go two consecutive semesters (excluding summer) without either taking an honors course or converting a course for honors credit unless you have already completed the Honors College course requirements.  Students who do not meet these criteria will be automatically removed from the Honors College.  

See “Honors College Academic Standing Policy” information for additional details.

To be reinstated into the Honors College, students would need to submit a request for reinstatement that would be reviewed by the Dean of the Honors College.  If you are unsure of your academic standing within the Honors College, please email