This course concentrates on ways to integrate technology into the health and physical education curriculum. Students will utilize the latest in technology to enhance instruction in the gym. Students will build on their basic computer skills and develop instructional proficiency in the following areas: (1) Georgia's Performance Standards for Curriculum, (2) Integration of Modem and Emerging Technologies into Instructional Practice, (3) Classroom Management in the Classroom and the Gymnasium, (4) New Designs for Teaching and Learning, and (5) Enhanced Pedagogical Practices. This course satisfies the Georgia Special Technology Requirement. Laboratory experiences will be included in the course. Requires a minimum of 9 hours of upper education course work.

Lecture Hours: 2.00 Lab Hours: 0Total Hours: 2.00


Summer 2024 Semester
Course Title Instructor Campus Section Syllabus
Integrating Technology in HPE Collin Brooks, Ph.D Distance E01 external Syllabus via Concourse External Resource