As a state agency, the University of West Georgia is subject to laws regarding public records and transparency. Subsequently, the university, each of its offices, and each and every employee has the legal responsibility to demonstrate the proper care and management of its records. That means:

  • Keeping records for the appropriate amount of time (the retention period)
  • Keeping records in such a way as to not damage or destroy without approval
  • Keeping records in such a way that is easily searchable and retrievable
  • Being able to produce copies in the event of litigation, audit, or public records request
  • Disposing of records promptly, in an appropriate manner, once the retention period has expired

Each office must designate a Records Management Liaison to oversee and assist in departmental records management. It should be someone in a permanent position, not a temporary or student employee.

  • The Records Management Liaison (RML) administers day-to-day transactions associated with the office's records-related functions. This may include file organization and maintenance, implementation of retention schedules, inactive records storage, and records destruction.
  • Departmental supervisors have final approval for the disposition of their records and for signing Certificate of Destruction form. Any time there is an RML vacancy, the departmental supervisor will act as, and perform all responsibilities of, liaison until such time another RML is designated.