OEA encourages the development of study abroad programs in diverse fields across the curriculum. Faculty in all disciplines who are interested in developing new study abroad programs should contact the OEA Director to discuss their idea. Since programs will require approval of your department chair and dean, it is a good idea to discuss the idea with them, as well, as part of the early planning process.

New programs require a due diligence assessment of the proposed site. Due diligence ensures that program directors understand what it is like to live at the site and to navigate it prior to traveling with students. As part of due diligence, the program director and an OEA representative will assess the site's ability to support the proposed program's academic objectives; to provide safe, adequate housing for program faculty and students; and to allow access to cultural resources and experiences. Due diligence also allows program directors to develop procedures to orient and protect students at the site and to navigate possible emergencies on site.

All programs are approved on a yearly basis, and faculty interested in developing new programs should factor time for planning, departmental review and due diligence into their plans. Programs that will run in spring and summer of a given year will need to be fully approved early in the fall term of the previous calendar year. For example, a program that plans to take students abroad in Summer 2017 will need to be approved in August 2016. This means planning for new programs must begin by fall of the academic year prior to that approval deadline (for the previous example, Fall 2015) to allow time for adequate development and assessment of the proposal as well as travel to the site. 

UWG uses information from the State Department Travel Advisory list to help assess new and ongoing program locations. Programs will generally not be approved for areas under a Level 3 State Department Travel Advisory. Exceptions will be determined by the Provost in consultation with the offices of Risk Management and the University General Counsel. No programs will be approved for countries under a Level 4 Travel Advisory.

The online proposal form will be sent to faculty who have completed preliminary review with OEA and a satisfactory due diligence; faculty will submit their proposals through Qualtrics. Continuing programs are also required to submit program revisions and a yearly budget to qualify for renewal.