A Certificate in SAP can be completed by MIS majors along with classes for their degree program.

The SAP Student Award Certification consists of three courses that include at least 30% hands-on SAP material. Students are introduced to business processes using S/4HANA, data visualizations and analytics using Lumira, Predictive Analytics, and SAP Analytics Cloud, mobile app development using Fiori and UI5, and business simulations with ERPsim. The hands-on SAP materials provide a solid foundation in enterprise systems and business intelligence. Completing these three courses with a B or better will entitle the student to earn the SAP Student Award Certification awarded by the Department of Management.

SAP Certificate

SAP University Alliances recognizes: For satisfactory completion of a program of study supported by the SAP Product Portfolio as offered by University of West Georgia.

The following classes are required for the SAP Student Award Certificate:

  1. CISM 3330 Introduction to Management of Information Systems
    • The students complete modules using SAP’s S/4HANA cloud platform with a Fiori Front end. The students complete three full processes, Order to Cash, Material Management, and Financial Accounting. They also complete an analytic assignment using pivot tables in excel with SAP organizational data.
  2. CISM 4330 Enterprise Architecture
    • The students compete in teams using SAP S/4HANA ERPsim logistics Simulation with Lumeria to create digital dashboards that enable real-time data visualizations and analytics. The teams develop an Enterprise Architecture Plan for their Logistics organization.
  3. CISM 4350 Enterprise and Decision Support Systems
    • Students work with SAP’s S4/HANA cloud platform system. They develop database tables, analytic and star schemes, create analytic applications, a Ui5 mobile app, and a Fiori mobile app.
    • They work in SAP Analytics Cloud to develop analytical models, interactive visualizations and create digital boardrooms using ERPsim organizational data.
    • The students complete in teams using SAP’s S4/HANA ERPsim manufacturing simulation with a Fiori front end. They use their organization’s data to develop a digital boardroom to present their ERPsim strategy.

For more information, contact your advisor. To apply for this certificate, fill out the Online Application.