Already enrolled at another school, but just need to take a couple of courses online for a semester? You can do this by applying as a "Transient Student".

A transient student is a "visiting" student who wishes to take course work at UWG for one semester and then return to his or her previously enrolled college.

Application Deadlines are posted below. However, exceptions are often made for Transient students, because fewer documents are needed:

  • Fall - June 1
  • Spring - Nov 15
  • Summer - May 15


For example, for Fall, the official deadline is June 1st. However, as a transient applicant you may still get in for Fall if all information is received before Aug 1:

  • A completed admission application and $40 application fee
  • A Transient Approval Letter from the Registrar or Dean of his or her previous home college. This Transient Letter must state the student is in good academic standing. The letter needs to be mailed to the UWG Admissions office. View the Transient webpage.
  • Students must submit their Certificate of Immunization to UWG's Health Services OR if they will enroll in only fully online courses they may seek exemption. Contact the Immunization Clerk with your request.
  • One exception: A transient student must not be on suspension or exclusion from the previous college. In case of doubt, the Director of Admissions may classify the applicant as a transfer applicant and require the applicant to comply with all transfer admission requirements.
  • Additionally: Transient students must be verified for lawful presence if they want to have in-state status. Please view information on the verification of lawful prefence for more details.  This must be done even if the student has already verified their lawful presence at another USG school.


Other information and disclaimers:

  • Admissions forms can be found on the admissions website.
  • Transient student information can also be found on the admissions website.
  • Transient students may only enroll in one consecutive semester.
  • A transient student wishing to continue enrollment at UWG as a degree seeking transfer student must reapply as a transfer degree seeking student and fulfill all transfer admission requirements. Application as a transfer student and all required transfer admission documents must be received by the announced application and document deadline date.
  • Since transient students are considered a "visiting" student and not degree seeking UWG students, transient students are not eligible for any financial assistance from UWG. Transient students must make financial assistance arrangements with their "home" college.
  • Transient students are eligible to register on the first day of open registration. Visit the Registrar's Website for the registration dates of each term. Transient students do not attend new student orientation.


If you have questions or need help, contact the UWG Admissions Office by phone (678) 839-4000 or email (

If you're still confused or have more questions about our online offerings, contact UWG Online by phone (678) 839-6248  or email (