The VA said I need the school to submit a VA Form 1999. How do I do that?

VA Form 1999 is the form that is completed electronically when your classes are certified. If you have been certified, VA Form 1999 has been submitted and no further action is necessary on your part.

How do I request to be certified?

Submit a Certification Request Form found in your BanWeb account under 'Student Services & Financial Aid'.

NOTE:  The Registrar's Office cannot complete certification if you do not submit this form.  You must submit this form EACH semester you wish to use your benefits. If you make changes to your schedule (add/drop/withdraw) after submitting the form, please submit a new form to notify our office of the changes.

How will I know when my classes have been certified?

You will receive an email from the School Certifying Official (SCO) notifying you that you have been certified.

Why hasn’t the school submitted my enrollment?

There could be several different reasons why we have not submitted your enrollment yet. 

  • Have you turned in all of the necessary paperwork to our office? 
  • Have you attended Orientation?
  • Have you met with your advisor and have a schedule in place?
  • Did you let us know that you wished to be certified for the term?

If you have completed all these steps, please contact us at registrar@westga.edu for us to review your record. 

Can my enrollment be certified by the school before I am enrolled?

No, you must meet with your advisor and register for classes before you can be certified.

You said that you submitted my enrollment, but the VA says they do not see it. Where is it?

It may take some time for enrollments to be far enough in processing to appear in the system. How long depends on many factors including the time of year and the benefit you are using.

I added, dropped or withdrew from a class after the Registrar's Office certified my schedule. Do I need to let you know?

Yes. Failure to notify the School Certifying Official (SCO) could result in indebtedness to UWG or the VA. Please submit an updated Certification Request Form located in your BanWeb account.

I am a Veteran Readiness and Employment (CH 31) student.  How do I get my books?

Veteran Readiness & Employment students will receive a Book Voucher from the Registrar's Office at the time of Certification. If you have any questions, please contact us at registrar@westga.edu.

Who has to verify their attendance each month? How do you do that?

Students receiving money under Chapters 1606, 1607, 30, and 33 have to verify their attendance to the VA. Students can verify their attendance by calling 1-877-823-2378 or by using the WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment) system. ***Chapter 33 students have not been moved to the WAVE system by the VA and must call the VA to verify attendance. 

What happens if I do not verify my attendance?

If you are using Chapters 1606, 1607, 30, or 33 GI Bill®  benefits, you are required to verify your attendance at the end of each month before the VA will disperse your next payment. If you receive money for classes in which you are no longer enrolled, the money will have to be returned to the VA.

Who is eligible for priority registration?

  • Any Veteran student
  • Any student utilizing military Tuition Assistance
  • Dependent students utilizing GI Bill®  Education Benefits

NOTE: Students with priority registration still must meet with their Academic Advisor before registering for classes.

How do I get priority registration?

  • Veteran student – Submit a copy of DD-214 (Member 2 or Member 4)
    • Students can submit their DD-214 via fax (678-839-5215) or in person to Veteran and Military Programs Office (UCC 311)
    • Veteran students do not have to be utilizing GI Bill® Education Benefits to be eligible for priority registration
  • Military using Tuition Assistance -- Submit Approved TA forms to Veteran and Military Programs Office  
  • Dependent student – Use GI Bill® Education Benefits

NOTE: Students with priority registration still must meet with their Academic Advisor before registering for classes.

Why does UWG keep contacting me to tell me my schedule will be dropped if I don't pay by the Fee Payment Deadline?  I thought my schedule was protected because of my Military Tuition Assistance (TA) and/or VA education benefits.

Georgia laws and UWG practices require UWG to notify potential debtors of outstanding balances. If a third party (in this case, the DoD or VA) doesn't pay, you are still responsible for the balance.  Ensure that your balance is not greater than the amount of protection communicated to you by the Registrar's Office.

My branch of service or education counselor told me that my college education would be paid for. What happened?

There are a variety of resources available to service members to help cover the cost of education, but you need to do some research to find out what is available to you. GI Bill® benefits vary widely depending on your branch of service and length of active duty. Visit the GI Bill® Website for more information.  Visit the GI Bill® Comparison Tool page to found out what your benefit pays. 

For more information on the University of West Georgia’s process for your benefit, please schedule a meeting with the School Certifying Official by contacting the Registrar's Office at registrar@westga.edu. 

How much will I receive for my Monthly Housing Allowance or MHA?

Use the GI Bill® Comparison Tool to help estimate your stipend.  

Why has my Monthly Housing Allowance changed?

On August 1, 2022, Section 1009 of the Isakson and Roe Act went into effect impacting GI Bill® students enrolled in school while on active duty for at least 30 continuous days. Section 1009 satest that GI Bill®  students impacted will now receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) from the DoD instead of Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) from VA. A change in the amount may be due to a difference in the Zip Code used to determine the allowance. MHA uses the zip code of where you were enrolled in courses, BAH uses your station zip code. 

NOTE:  Tuition and Fees go directly to the institution.  Book stipends and MHA go directly to the student’s direct deposit account that is established with the VA. 

Do my VA Educational Benefits pay for my housing and meal plans?

Housing or meal plans are not covered under any VA Educational Benefits at UWG. The VA has determined that these are not fees. However, you may use your monthly stipend to help cover the cost of housing and meal plans.

What is a Third Party Memo?

A Third Party Memo is placed by the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services’s Office for Chapter 33, Chapter 31, and Tuition Assistance students as a place holder until the funds are sent to the institution for tuition and fees. Signing a Third Party Agreement will allow students to get access to any refund of other aid before payment is made to the institution. 

Please find the Third Party Agreement here.  

Why did my loan and/or Pell grant pay my bill?

All financial aid such as a scholarship, loan, and/or Pell grants will always pay the students bill first. If the financial aid pays the entire account balance the student will receive a full refund when VA payment is received by the school.

If you submit a Third Party Agreement, this can help prevent the student’s bill being paid by a loan and/or Pell grant.

I need to buy my books, but I am waiting on my VA money.

DO NOT wait until you receive your stipend to purchase your books. Textbooks are needed at the beginning of the term, but your stipend will not be deposited until thirty (30) days after the start of classes. Be prepared to purchase your books at the beginning of each term and do not wait for your stipend to purchase your books.

How do scholarships affect my Post 9/11 GI Bill® ?

If the scholarship states that it is to be allocated directly for tuition and fees (only for tuition and fees, solely for tuition and fees, the equivalent of tuition and fees, etc.) then the funds will be taken into consideration when determining the amount of tuition and fees to request from VA. The scholarship will be deducted from the VA eligible tuition and fees and we will request the remaining balance from the VA. 

If the Scholarship does not state what it is to be used for, then it is considered a General Scholarship and it will not affect the Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits.

Why did I only receive a partial payment? 

The VA will prorate your payment by the number of days enrolled, so if the term started on the 9th, you will be paid from the 9th through the end of the month. Another reason for receiving a partial payment could be due to running out of entitlement. In this case, it is best to contact the VA at 1-888-442-4551.

If I fail a class or if a receive a "D" in a class that requires a "C" or better, will the Post 9/11 GI Bill®  pay for me to retake it?

Yes.  If you fail a class, the VA will pay for you to retake the class.  If a "C" is the required passing grade for the course the VA will cover the cost of retaking the course.

Will the VA reimburse me for certain tests?

The VA can reimburse the cost of approved licensing and certification tests, as well as national tests.  More information can be found on the VA website.

Licensing and Certification Tests

National Testing Program

Does the University of West Georgia participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program?

The University of West Georgia does participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  For more information, please visit the Yellow Ribbon website.  

How long does it usually take to get my benefits started?

First time applications can take 6-8 weeks to process. It does not always take this long, but students should apply as early as possible and should be prepared to cover expenses through alternative funds until VA Benefits begin. If your benefits are not approved until after your classes have begun, you could receive retroactive payments from the VA.

How many credit hours do I need to take to be considered full-time for VA purposes?

Credit Hours for Full Time Status    
Student LevelFall/SpringSummer
Undergraduate12 credit hoursVaries. Contact SCO.
Graduate9 credit hoursVaries. Contact SCO.

What if I fail a class because I did not attend or withdrew a class?

If you fail to attend or withdraw from a class and/or receive a grade of "W," "WF" or "F", for that class your schedule will be re-certified indicating the cost difference. The VA will not pay for any courses in which a non-punitive grade was received. This will often times result in VA indebtedness which you will be required to pay back. Repayment is based on the withdrawal date or end of term date.

I am applying for Post 9/11 GI Bill® . It is asking for an effective date. What should I put down?

The effective date is any date on or after August 1, 2009, when the Post 9/11 GI Bill®  began.  If you want to receive retroactive payments for terms already completed, you will need to put the date of the first day of classes for that semester. If you want to be paid from today on, put today’s date.

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