• How To Pay Online

    To pay using webcheck, BankMobile Vibe Account webcheck*, or credit card, log into your myUWG account.

    1. Enter User Name and Password.
    2. Click on "Banweb" from list across the top of page.
    3. Click on "Student Services and Financial Aid."
    4. Click on "Registration and Fee Payment."
    5. Click on "Select Term" (Make sure to select correct Term you are paying from drop down menu - ie. Fall Semester 2020) and enter.
    6. Click on either "Pay Student Account Charges"*
      (If you choose to pay your balance by credit card please be aware UWG receives no part of the convenience fee or remuneration from TouchNet, MasterCard, Discover, VISA, or American Express. There is NO convenience fee associated with Webcheck payments.)
    7. Follow the TouchNet PayPath instructions and submit payment. (payment will post to your Banweb account immediately)

    We accept webcheck* payments and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

    If you are paying with ANY debit card, or BankMobile Vibe Card, please read:
    By choosing the web check option you do NOT have to pay the  Convenience Fee that applies to credit card transactions. Just take the routing number, along with your checking account number (printed on your check), and enter it into the online payment system.  Please be alert and double check your routing and account number to ensure they are entered correctly.  If a payment is returned for an invalid account and/or routing number the student will be assessed all penalties and fees (SEE RETURNED PAYMENT POLICY). 

    Quick Links

    Student Payment Portal
    Authorized User Payment Portal


  • How To Make Payment in Person
    • We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and cashier's checks at our Cashier's Window in Aycock Hall.
    • If any check is not paid on presentation to the bank on which it is drawn, a service charge of $25 or 5%, whichever is greater, will be charged. When a check has been returned by a student's bank without payment, their check cashing privileges will be suspended for one year. Registration at the beginning of each semester is not complete until all fees and charges have been paid.
    • If a student's fee payment check is returned for non-payment by their bank, the students' registration is subject to cancellation. In addition, a late fee of $75 may be added and a service charge of $25 or 5%, whichever is greater, will be assessed to the student's account.
    • If a check is received by UWG for non sufficient funds the student will have their check writing privileges removed for one year.

    To view the fee payment deadline dates for the current semester, and upcoming semester, as well as other important dates, please refer to Important Deadlines.

  • How To Pay By Payment Plan

    Current Tuition, Housing Charges, and Meal Plans ONLY

    The University of West Georgia has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) to allow students to pay tuition and fees in installments, helping make college more affordable.  The Nelnet payment plan is a flexible payment option that allows payments with either credit/debit card, or automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account.  The payment plan is not a loan, and has no credit checks, interest, or finance charges associated with this option.  This plan can cover any tuition, student fees, meal plan, and on-campus housing charges up to $4,500.00. 

    More information about the payment plan.

  • How To Mail Payment

    Payments made by check, cashier's check/money order can be mailed to: 

    University of West Georgia
    Bursar's Office
    1601 Maple Street
    Aycock Hall, Room 101
    Carrollton, GA  30118     

    Please include Student ID number on all correspondence.


Please Remember:
Payments cannot be made over the phone for any reason.
Mailed-in payments can experience a processing delay if sent in close to the fee payment deadlines. 
If payment is not received by the deadline, classes will be reviewed for cancellation.


Return Check Protocol

The University of West Georgia Tier One (T1) Arrangement with BankMobile