English Language Learning (ELL) Statement

English is the medium of instruction in all courses at the University of West Georgia, except in foreign language classes. While all students admitted to UWG have demonstrated proficiency in English by standards approved by the University System of Georgia and UWG, some students - particularly those from non-English speaking countries - may still need extra language support.

At this time, UWG does not offer an Intensive English Program (IEP) or specific English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. However, the resources below can assist with academic challenges related to language proficiency. All services are available free of charge to registered UWG students.*

*Nominal costs apply for some services in the University Health Center.

Suggested Statement on Course Syllabi

"If you are a student having difficulty with English language skills, and / or U.S. culture is not your home culture, specialized resources are available to help you succeed. Please visit the E.L.L. resource page for more information."


Email or call the Academic Advising Center: advising@westga.edu(678) 839-5342