Due to COVID-19, we understand that renewing and/or collecting items from a locker is not feasible at this time. Therefore, UREC Lockers will not need to be renewed during the spring and summer semesters. Anyone with a current locker will be able to keep their belongings in that locker until campus resumes normal operations. After that, UREC will contact patrons with an official date where patrons will then have 30 days to renew their locker or to retrieve their items. We appreciate your flexibility during this time and hope you will renew with UREC in the future!


University Recreation provides daily use lockers at no charge. These lockers are located at the far end of the fitness floor and allow patrons to create their own individual combination.

Students, faculty, and staff also have the ability to rent one of the lockers in their appropriate locker rooms for the semester or entire year. The student men and women locker rooms have 82 lockers with 3 showers each. Faculty and staff-exclusive locker rooms are equipped with private wooden lockers equipped with built-in locks. The locker rooms also have separate showers, sinks, and benches for faculty and staff use only.

Locker choice and availability are limited to first come, first served.  A UWG ID is required to enter the locker rooms. Lockers can be rented through our administration desk at the front of the Campus Center.

Lockers are sold on a semesterly or yearly (3 semesters) basis. Each locker rental period expires at closing time on the Friday of finals week in the last semester. Contents of the locker must be removed prior to the contract expiration date. Items left in the locker after expiration will be cleaned out and held for 30 days, after which they will be disposed of.

Locker Prices

Students: $10 per semester or $25 per year

Faculty and Staff: $25 per semester or $65 per year 

Spring 2021 Locker Room Operations

  • While lockers are open, patrons are strongly encouraged to dress/shower at home to avoid overcrowding
  • Patrons should physically distance themselves from others when in the locker rooms

Cleaning Procedures

  • Patrons will be responsible for spraying down showers after usage. Spray bottles will be provided in each shower
  • Locker rooms are cleaned multiple times per day and during the midday cleaning period

For more information, contact urec@westga.edu or 678-839-5500.