We're here to help you with any of your maintenance needs. Feel free to contact our Service Desk at (678) 839-4718. Follow the steps to request any maintenance.

Maintenance Steps

  1. Fill out the Maintenance Request Form that is sent to the Work Information Center (WIC). WIC can also be emailed at wic@westga.edu or by phone at (678) 839-6311 or (678) 839-6313.
    • For any key or lock change request, please contact Housing staff to put in a request. Any key-related submissions on the maintenance form will not be completed.
  2. Save a copy of your request form for your records
  3. Submit the form
  4. Expect a response/assistance within three business days.
  5. If needing further assistance, contact our Service Desk at (678) 839-4718. Additionally, current residents can also fill out this smartsheet for Housing Issues.


Xfinity Issues

If you would like to stream, you will need a smart TV or a streaming device such as Roku, Amazon Fire, etc. View the Xfinity Channel Line Up (PDF, 122K)

If you need help connecting to Xfinity WIFI or are having issues with the WIFI in your room, you can contact Xfinity at . You can also log in to the Xfinity Help Portal using your Onelogin credentials.

Take some time to look over Xfinity®'s Policies. The two specific policies that apply for UWG are the “Acceptable Use Policy for Xfinity® Internet” and the “Comcast Agreement for Residential Services.”


Laundry Issues

We utilize FMB Laundry. Call 1-800-832-6193 for assistance, This number can also be located on any washer/dryer machine in the residence halls. As a reminder, RFS maintenance DOES NOT service laundry machines so all maintenance requests relating to laundry issues need to go through FMB.