The Religion Pathway offers an interdisciplinary program of study for students interested in the study of religious beliefs, practices, and social phenomena.

As Interdisciplinary Studies majors, students in this pathway learn theories and methods enabling them to address questions about religion and spirituality by integrating insights, methods, and techniques from multiple relevant disciplines, including Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and more.

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Program of Study

Focus Areas

Students select two, at least one of which must be Religion in Arts & Humanities or Religion in the Social Sciences

The poor rich by François-Joseph Navez. Provided by Photoconsortium, Belgium. PD for Public Domain Mark

Religion in the Arts & Humanities

Courses in: Medieval Art of Christian Europe and the Near East, Christian Thought, History of Political Islam, The Reformation, American Religion since 1800, Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity, Theories of Religion, Philosophy of Religion


Theyyam is a ritual form in Kerala, India. This particular Theyyam is one variation of ‘Pottan Theyyam’, a vivid, lively and colourful ritualistic performance which comes in the traditional art form of Theyyam. It is believed Pottan Theyyam is a manifestation of Shiva. ‘Pottan Theyyam’ is traditionally performed with a large fire, the embers of which ‘Pottan Theyyam’ will rest upon (with the people insisting/requesting him to get up). After the performance and customs, the locals may approach and speak with ‘Pottan Theyyam’ and receive his response and blessing.

Religion in the Social Sciences

Courses in: The Shakers, Modern Shamanism, Psychology of Myth and Symbol, Values, Meaning, and Spirituality, Sociology of Religion, Religion and Global Social Problems, Myth, Magic, and Religion


Caption reads, "[View of the huge crowd from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, during the March on Washington]" Original black and white negative by Warren K. Leffler. Taken August 28th, 1963, Washington D.C, United States (@libraryofcongress). Colorized by Jordan J. Lloyd. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

Religion and Social Justice

Courses in: Crime and Social Inequality, Civil Rights Movement, Political Philosophy, Global Human Rights, Sociology of Race, Feminist Philosophy, Environmental Policy, Latinx in the U.S.


statue of a resting buddha

Spirituality and Health

Courses in: Medical Anthropology, Environment and Health, Holistic Health Psychology, Eastern & Transpersonal Psychology, Moral & Social Development, Death, Grief, and Caring