The Film Pathway allows Interdisciplinary Studies majors an opportunity to shape a program of study according to their interests and goals.

As Interdisciplinary Studies majors, Film Pathway students learn theories and methods enabling them to achieve creative and analytical works by integrating insights and techniques from multiple Film disciplines. Film Pathway students can also earn the Georgia Film Academy Film & Television Production Certificate within the major.

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Film TracksFilm Pathway students select at least two:

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Courses such as: Screenwriting, Advanced Screenwriting, Short Form Screenwriting & Analysis, Playwriting II


Courses such as: Advanced Acting for the Camera, Business of Acting, Advanced Movement, Advanced Voice, Period Scene Study

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Art and Lens-Based Media

Courses such as: Intro to Photography, Intro to Time-Based Media/Video, From Still to Moving Images, Digital Media for the Artist

Critical Studies

Courses such as: Film Theory, Film as Literature, Film and Culture, Philosophy in Literature and Film

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Courses such as: Fundamentals of Film, Sound Design, Digital Cinematography & Image Design, Film & Video Production, Documentary Practices

Production Design

Courses such as: Costume Design, Period Styles in Design, Scenic Design, Stage & Film Craft II, Sound Design

Georgia Film AcademyCourses and Certificate

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UWG students can take courses through the Georgia Film Academy for college credit. These courses provide rigorous professional training, often on-site in working production studios and other professional settings. 

The Film & Television Production Certificate requires 18 hours (3 courses), all of which an be earned within the major.


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