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Health and Physical Education

Helping students thrive through movement and wellness by preparing Georgia K-12 practitioners to become emerging experts in the field.

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Health and Physical Education

The mission of Health and Physical Education is to develop exemplary practitioners. The emphasis of the program is on building skills for teaching student learners in K-12 health and physical education programs in the state of Georgia. The program focuses on the promotion of lifetime health, wellness, and physical activity.

Program Details


Health and Physical EducationBachelor of Science in Education with a Major in Physical Education

Program Features:

  • Initial certification in PreK-12 Health and Physical Education in the state of Georgia
  • National Coaching and Personal Trainer certification options
  • Physical Activity Specialist Certification in partnership with the Georgia Department of Health and University of West Georgia
  • More than 500 hours of practical experience (K-5 and 6-12 full semester internship)
  • Successful alumni - K-12 teachers, head coaches, school administrators, college coaches, organizational leadership, and more
  • Prominent face-to-face program and state-of-the-art facilities.

Program Highlights:

  • Second highest producer of health and physical education students in Georgia
  • Job placement is 98%
  • GACE certification exam pass rate = 99%
  • Individual student meetings and low student teacher ratio 20:1
  • Nationally recognized and respected program faculty

Professional development emphasis:

  • CSPAP program training and implementation
  • Professional points based program requirement
  • State and local conference networking experiences


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