Completed Dissertations

Please see below the titles of the evaluation studies completed by Ed.D students in fulfillment of the dissertation requirement. The professional practice dissertation requires candidates to evaluate a program being delivered in their work settings. 

  • Cohort 11
    UWG Cohort 11
    • Rita Bucovaz (2021). School Counselors' Career Counseling with LatinX High School Students to Satisfy Georgia Bridge Law Mandates. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro
  • Cohort 10
    UWG Cohort 10
    • Brenda Cato (2021). An Exploration of Students' Perceptions of Academic and Social-Emotional Readiness to Transition to College. Advisor: Dr. Julia Whisenhunt
    • Lekesia Dix (2021). A Correlational Study of the Influence of an Afterschool Program on Reading Achievement. Advisor: Dr. Julia Whisenhunt


    • Meitra Lak Perry (2020). Latino y Educado: A Qualitative Program Evaluation of La Comunidad de Latinos. Advisor: Dr. Bethany Lanier

    • Eon George (2020). An Investigation into Teachers' Experience of Elementary School Students' Behaviors and Different Learning Styles. Advisor: Dr. Christy Land

  • Cohort 9
    UWG Cohort 9
    • Heather M. Boyle (2020). The Impact of School Choice on Individual Student Test Scores. Advisor: Dr. Julia Whisenhunt
    • Chatterjee, Shubha (2019). Utilizing a Collaborative Community-Based Approach to Provide Support, Services, and Advocacy: An Evaluation of a Rural Domestic Violence Program. Advisor: Dr. Olivia Uwamahoro-Williams
    • Davis, Taijah (2019). Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Program (ASIST):  An Evaluation of School Counselor Preparedness for Immediate Suicide Intervention. Advisor: Dr. Julia Whisenhunt
    • Hall, Rebecca (2019). Evaluation of Positive Interventions and Supports Program as Implemented in a Metro Atlanta Area Middle School. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro
    • Hughley, Coartnye (2019). The Muscogee County (GA) Educators' Perceptions and Experiences with the Georgia Virtual Credit Recovery (GVCR) Program. Advisor: Dr. Bethany Lanier
    • Huntington, Margaret (2019). Stress Reduction and Coping Skills for Elementary Students. Advisor: Dr. Christy Land
    • Mount, Cameron (2019). Student Perception of a Dropout Prevention Program: A Program Evaluation. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro
    • Scott, Kimberly (2019). BRIDGE Programs Happening Within Schools. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro
  • Cohort 8
    UWG Cohort 8
    • Azuana, Funlola (2018). A College Access Program in a Title I High School: A Program Evaluation. Advisor: Dr. Christy Land
    • Rose-Heflin, Jennifer (2018). A Georgia Middle School’s RTI Program: Supporting Students for Academic Success. Advisor: Dr. Olivia Uwamahoro-Williams
    • Walker, LaShonda (2018). 21st Century Community Learning Centers After School Program: A Program Evaluation. Advisor: Dr. Matthew Varga
    • Wheelus, Angela (2019). Serving our Veterans in Higher Education: An Evaluation of a Collegiate Veteran Affairs Program. Advisor: Dr. Julia Whisenhunt
    • Wynn, Mirna B. (2018). Communities in Schools in a Title 1 Suburban High School: A Program Evaluation. Advisor: Dr. Lacey Ricks
  • Cohort 7
    UWG Cohort 7
    • Auberger, Julie (2017). Turning Intervention Into Prevention: A Residential Treatment Facility's Adolescent Healthy Sexuality Group: A Program Evaluation. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro
    • Bailey, Jessica B. (2017). The Polaris Credit Recovery Program: Helping Students Get Back on Track. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro
    • Cooper, F. Cecile (2017). School-Based Peer Mentoring in High School:  A Program Evaluation Study. Advisor: Dr. Susan Boes
    • Finley, Jamie D. (2017). A Study of the Effect of a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports Program on Cell Phone Usage in a High School Setting. Advisor: Dr. Ryan Bronkema
    • Harrison-Grimsley, Nakia. (2017). A Program Evaluation of READ 180 and the Reading Achievement of 4th and 5th Grade Latino ELL Students. Dr. Susan Boes
    • Hunt, Angela A. (2017). A Multicultural Evaluation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support. Advisor: Dr. Julia Whisenhunt
    • Jordan, Jennifer G. (2017). A Partial Program Evaluation of the Ignite Summer Transition Program. Advisor: Dr. Julia Whisenhunt
    • Letasz, Maria (2017). Priority Early Outreach through Positive Links and Engagement: A Program Evaluation of a Title I School’s Positive Outreach Attendance Program. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro
    • Mitchell, Janekia K. (2017). Program Evaluation of Veterans Upward Bound:  An Academic Support Program for Student Veterans. Advisor: Dr. Susan Boes
    • Williams, Stephanie E. (2017). Evaluation of a Ninth Grade Summer Transition Program. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro
  • Cohort 6
    UWG Cohort 6
      • Cunnien, Taffey  (2016)  A Retention invervention for First-Year Students with Disabilities in Art and Design Institution:  A Progarm Evaluation      Advisor:  Dr. Caroline Perjessy

      • Roy, Jon  (2016)  A Computer Assisted Reading Program, Targeting Struggling Readers in a Title 1 Elementary School:  A Program Evaluation  Advisor:  Dr. Susan Boes

      • Cook, Jacqueline Y. (2016). An Evaluation of a Mentoring Program for At-Risk Girls at a Middle School Located in Northwest Georgia. Advisor: Dr. Julia Chibbaro

      • Mahone, LaRia G. (2018). Assessing Preparedness Using Different Levels of Analysis: A Program Evaluation. Advisor: Dr. Matthew Varga

  • Cohort 5
    Cohort 5
      • Brown Davis, Delawna  (2015)  Career Cruising Matchmaker:  An Evaluation of a Middle School Career Counseling Program Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

      • Cook, Jacqueline  (2016)  An Evaluation of a Mentoring Program for At-Risk Girls at a Middle School located in Northwest Georgia Advisor:  Dr. Julia Chibbaro

      • Ruff, Sarah Elizabeth   (2015)  Giving Them a Voice:  An Evaluation of the Military Youth Advisory Council in Georgia Advisor:  Dr. Mark Parrish   

    • Temple, Michell Lynette  (2015)    From Process to Outcomes:  An Evaluation of a University's Student Affairs Cultural Program Advisor:  Dr. Mark Parrish


  • Cohort 4
    Cohort 4
      • Bailey, Jetaun   (2014)  Mentoring African-American Males from a Culturally-Adapted Approach to Reduce Disciplinary Patterns and Practices  Advisor:  Dr. Susan Boes

      • Bass, Erin  (2014)  The Peer Mentoring Program and Student Performance  Advisor:  Dr. Julia Chibbaro

      • Jones, Della  (2014)  Evaluation of a Cross-Age Peer Tutoring Mathematics Program  Advisor:  Dr. Mark Parrish

    • Gonder, Tyrone  (2014)  A Flexible Learning Program for Mathematics Intervention in a Title 1 Elementary School:  A Program Evaluation Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

  • Cohort 3
    Cohort 3
      • Davison, Katonya  (2013)  The FOCUS Afterschool Program:  An Evaluation of Participants' Reading and Math Achievement Scores, Discipline Referrals and Attendance
        Advisor:  Dr. Rebecca Stanard

    • Lanier, Larke  (2013)  Effects of Cross-Age Tutoring in Reading with At-Risk First and Second-Grade Students
      Advisor:  Dr. Mark Parrish

    • McDermott, Carolyn (2013)   Amigos:  An Evaluation of a Cross-Age Mentoring Program for Elementary English Language
      Advisor:  Dr. Susan Boes

    • Peek, Sarah, D.  (2013)  Positive Behavior Supports and its Effects on Student Behavior:  A Program Evaluation
      Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

    • Revere, Dawn E.  (2013)  The Effectiveness of Education 2020 in Comparison to the Traditional Classroom Setting
      Advisor:  Dr. Julia Chibbaro

    • Sargent, Wes  (2013)  Developmental Career Counseling in Higher Education:  A Program Evaluation Study
      Advisor:  Dr. Rebecca Stanard

    • Sosa, Sandra  (2013)  Evaluation of Good-Touch/Bad-Touch Program:  A Comprehensive Child Abuse Curriculum with a Focus on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
      Advisor:  Dr. Julia Chibbaro

  • Cohort 2
    Cohort 2
    • Boisjolie, Stephanie   (2012)  A Collaborative Program to Improve School Attendance Among At-Risk Students:  A Program Evaluation      
      Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

    • Entrekin, Hayley   (2012)  The Matrix Program:  An Evaluation of a Stimulant Specific Substance Abuse Program      
      Advisor:  Dr. Rebecca Stanard

    • Fincher, Linda   (2012)  The Effect of A/B Scheduling Through Interventions on Achievement:  A Program Evaluation    
      Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

    • Hill, Jean  (2012)   Partial Implementation of Steps to Respect:  Evaluation of Program Components to Prevent Elementary-Aged Bullying     
      Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

    • Schmitt, Susan   (2012)  Participation in the Head Sprout Reading Comprehension Program and Differences in Reading Ability of At-Risk Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students:  A Program Evaluation                 
      Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia

    • Williams, Donjanea   (2012)  Pre-Service Professional Practice and Employability:  A Career Services Program Evaluation Study    
      Advisor:  Dr. Rebecca Stanard

  • Cohort 1
    Cohort 1
    • Hartline, Julie  (2011)  Training School Counselors to Close the Achievement GAP Advisor: Dr. Debra Cobia
    • Nguyen, Helen  (2011)  Students in the Middle:  The Influence of Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) on Middle and High School Students' Academic Achievement and Academic Decision Making Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia
    • Richardson, Julia  (2011)  Promoting Developmental Assets among High School Freshmen:  The Link Crew Program      
      Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia
    • Ruddell, Mandy  (2011)  Love & Logic:  Influence on Teacher Student Relationships and Classroom Climate  Advisor:  Dr. Debra Cobia