Taken at the completion of the student's degree program. Students not employed in public service will complete a 3-month internship in a governmental agency. An exit paper will be required. It will analyze an actual problem which confronts the agency, describe the problem-solving and decision-making processes involved in the solution, evaluate the supportive evidence for the decision made. Finally, the paper will evaluate linkages between the internship or work experience for the in-service student, classroom materials, and public administration literature. An oral defense of the paper before the student's committee is required. In-service students will received 3 hours credit, and pre-service students may receive 3 or 6 hours credit.

Lecture Hours: 0 Lab Hours: 0Total Hours: 3.00


Fall 2024 Semester
Course Title Instructor Campus Section Syllabus
Public Admin Internship Sooho Lee Distance E01 external Syllabus via Concourse External Resource