Thanks to a long and illustrious history of film production and an innovative model of state support for the arts, France boasts one of the most vibrant and successful film industries in the world. In this course we will explore the French cinema landscape while participating in two film festivals organized by the French government: the international My French Film Festival and the Tournees French Film Festival at UWG. We will view films from a variety of genres by both well-established and up-and-coming French directors, and we will study issues of representation in contemporary French cinema. We will also investigate the role of cinema in France's cultural diplomacy and overall approach to the arts. To situate our festival experiences and prepare the final course project, we will also study the theory and practice of film festival management and reflect on the place of the public arts within civic and university cultures. The festival will culminate in student-designed projects for French film events at UWG. Course taught in English.

Lecture Hours: 3.00 Lab Hours: 0Total Hours: 3.00