Now, with a variety of quality online opportunities, you Can Go West From Anywhere!

You might have heard that amazing things happen when you Go West. It’s true! We’ve got students performing biomedical research, outranking private university debate teams, studying trees to evaluate historical sites, and submitting winning tee shirt designs for the Peachtree Road Race. They’re studying overseas, developing local outreach programs, and building robots.

Our faculty and staff are doing some pretty amazing things too. They’re visiting far-flung reaches of the world to give lectures, provide medical services, and educate the less fortunate. They’re publishing books, advising small businesses, and excavating archaeological sites.

And don’t get us started on our alumni. They’re newscasters, authors, international business leaders and teachers of the year. They’re Hollywood makeup artists, entrepreneurs, critical care nurses, and everything in between.

And you can join them. Whether you're fresh out of high school, still in high school and wanting to work ahead, an adult learner, military personnel, or a veteran looking to get started or complete a degree, we have online options that can help you achieve your dreams.

Check out a few of our many success stories: