Advocates Jill Hendricks and Corey Hindman are Licensed Professional Counselors who provide advocacy services by connecting UWG students with medical, academic, and psychological services both on and off campus. Students who wish to explore options for treatment of conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, alcohol or other drug concerns may schedule an appointment with an Advocate for assistance with assessment and/or referral sources.

To schedule an appointment, call Health Services: (678) 839-6452.

Medical and Academic Advocacy Services

  • Advocacy with Instructors for Illness, Injuries, or Emergencies*
  • Guidance to Re-enter the University following Medical Absences
  • Referrals to Campus & Community Providers, including Medical Services, Counselors, or Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Assistance Re-entering the University following Hospitalization
  • Assistance with Hardship Withdrawal Appeals or Incompletes
  • Referrals to Pharmaceutical & Medical Financial Assistance Services
  • Referrals to Tutoring & Other Academic Support Services
  • Treatment Options for Psychological Conditions, including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia, & Trauma
  • Referral Sources for Homelessness
  • Pregnancy Resource Assistance

For more information on medical services offered through Health Services, please visit our Student Medical Services page.