What financial aid is available for Certificate Students? 

Certificate programs are non-degree programs that allow students to gain a certificate in a specific field of study. In terms of Financial Aid, Certificate Students are eligible for Unsubsidized Loan funding and are subject to Graduate Loan Limits.

The following Certificate Programs are eligible for federal aid through Gainful Employment:

  • Data Analysis and Evaluation Methods
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Health Systems Leadership
  • Museum Studies
  • Nonprofit Management and Community Development
  • Nursing Education
  • Public History
  • Public Management
  • Tier 1 Educational Leadership: Certification Only

 If your Certificate Program produces a state Teaching Certificate, you are eligible for both Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan funding, and are subject to Undergraduate Independent Loan Limits. 

All Certificate students, regardless of program type, must complete a FAFSA application, and be enrolled in at least 5 credit hours to be eligible for federal student loans. For more information regarding federal student loans, please refer to our Federal Student Loans page.

Ineligible Certificate Programs

Tier 2 Educational Leadership: Certification Only
Post Baccalaureate Initial Non-Degree Certification in Media, School Library Media
Post Baccalaureate Non-Degree Certification in Media, Instructional Technology
All Endorsement Programs