If your job involves assigning, supervising, or managing student employees, you will find the resources on this page helpful. 

On-Campus employment is an integral part of the educational and professional development of University of West Georgia students. National Student Employment Association statistics show that nearly two-thirds of today's college students hold part-time or full-time jobs while in school. Student Employment is an important educational experience, and sometimes an alternative form of financial aid. By hiring students for part-time positions you are not only helping students finance their education, it also assists them in developing essential job and lifelong learning skills.

It is a means of preparing more a meaningful career by developing skills and contacts that will help secure a job after graduation.

Supervisors play a key role in students' future employment success. As an employer in an academic institution, UWG Supervisors have a responsibility to contribute to the education of our students. Every effort should be made to encourage student employees to develop characteristics of good judgment, dependability, initiative, and responsibility. Students often have a closer, more long-term relationship, with their supervisor, than with any individual faculty member or advisor. The supervisor can often be a key figure in a student's college experience and in his/her personal growth. By affecting attitudes about work, the supervisor can influence the success of the student through his/her life.

The experience gained from on-campus work is instrumental in preparing students for their future career paths.  Student Employment supervisors have a direct impact on a student’s work and experiential learning environment, fostering student growth as they work their way up the student employment levels.


  • Where can I find the rules governing student employment?

    You can refer to the Student Employment website for general guidelines.

    Student Employment Policies and Procedures will be available: TBA 

  • How do I determine a student's wage?

    The pay rates for student employment positions should be determined by the knowledge,
    training, skills, and level of responsibility and risk assigned to that position. We recommend that
    departments use these as guides to write job descriptions that are specific to your department. Pay rates for student employment positions cannot be lower than $7.25 an hour (Federal
    Minimum Wage) and should not exceed $11.00 an hour.

    Student Employment is available to help you evaluate your student employment positions based
    on the job descriptions.

    Pay Structure for all Student Employment Positions are available by clicking here.

  • How do I post a job on PeopleAdmin?
    • Log in to People Admin at
    • Please ensure your drop down bar shows either student initator or student supervisor
    • Your screen should have a blue background indicating you are in Applicant Tracking
    • In the top right corner select "Create New Posting"
    • Follow the prompts to create a posting either from a previous posting or a new posting from a classification
    • When you have completed the posting select the "Take Action" bar and send the posting to the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections
    • Once the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections reviews the posting they will post it
    • The posting must remain posted for a minimum of 10 days
    • If you have any questions, please contact us at 678.839.6431
  • How do I promote vacant positions on PeopleAdmin?

    Employers can contact Student Employment about promoting their vacant positions. 

    We will discuss the best way to promote your position:

    • Student Employment can send out a mass email or text
    • Student Employment can post on our digital signage and make flyers 
  • I'm having trouble with PeopleAdmin, what should I do?

    Contact the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections/Student Employment at 678-839-6431 or email 

  • How many hours are students allowed to work on campus?

    ALL Student Employees can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Please note that some students work more than one position on campus and are still limited to a combined total of 20 hours per week. 

  • What paperwork is required when I hire a student?

    Departments will need to submit a ePAR for each student employee hired

    Prior to the student working they MUST go to Human Resources to complete new hire paperwork. The student will need to take the following items with them:
    2 forms of original ID (no copies) - e.g. driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, passport
    Banking information (routing and account number on an official bank document)
    Any questions about new hire paperwork should be directed to Human Resources at 678-839-6403

    The student MUST provide you with the completed “Work Authorization Form” with approval from Human Resources so that you know that the student can start work.

  • How many students can I hire?

    The number of students you are able to hire is dependent on what your budget allows. Keep in mind that you can request to use Federal Work Study funds (contact Financial Aid) and this would allow you to hire more students. Visit For Departments Interested in Hiring Through Federal Study for more information.

  • How do I tell if my student has Federal Work-Study?

    Students who receive Federal Work-Study funds can view their award on Banner under the “Financial Aid Award”. You can have the student print this screen and provide this to you as proof of their Work-Study award. 

  • As a manager, do I have the right to use progressive discipline in situations involving student employees?

    Yes, student employees should be held to the same behavioral and/or performance requirements as any employee. However, some student employees may only remain with a department for a limited time and disciplinary procedures requiring additional time to allow for improvements should be taken into consideration. For additional information regarding standard procedures as they relate to student employees, contact Student Employment directly. 

  • Job Abandonment

    Student Employees who do not report to work for three consecutive, scheduled work days, and does not communicate with the department as to his/her whereabouts or intentions regarding the job, will result in termination from the position. The department should terminate the student employee from the position for job abandonment. Prior to taking such action, departments leadership is advised to make reasonable efforts to contact the employee to determine the employee’s intention regarding the job, document that reasonable efforts were made, and place documentation in your employee file for the student.