UWG Students are IDEAL for your part time positions!

The University of West Georgia is proud to have some of the state’s most diverse, intelligent and promising students. Everywhere you look, UWG students and alumni are blazing trails to new possibilities for scholarly achievement, creative expression, and service to humanity.
Student Employment offers you the opportunity to connect with and recruit UWG students. 

Recruiting Guidelines

The Office of Career and Graduate School Connections is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and expect all employers recruiting our students to abide by NACE’s Principles for Professional Practice for Career Services and Employment Professionals. Please review our employer policies and guidelines for more information.


  • As a manager, do I have the right to use disciplinary action for student employees?

    Yes, student employees should be held to the same behavioral and/or performance requirements as any employee. 

  • How many hours are students allowed to work off campus?

    Students obtaining an off campus position are not limited to the same hour limitations of on-campus student employees (which is 20 hours per week). 

  • How do I post a job on Handshake?
    • Log in from the employer login page
    • On the right side navigation, select » Post a Job below University of West Georgia
    • Click the Green “Select” Button under “Basic Post”
    • Enter your Job Details (Make sure you review the application method), click continue
    • You will see a page that says “Additional details are needed for the following school(s):”
    • click “Complete Details now” and enter the Complete Custom Job Details
    • fill in the details and click ‘save’
    • Click Continue to post your position and you are done!
    • If you have any questions, please contact us at 678.839.6431
  • I'm having trouble with Handshake, what should I do?

    Contact the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections/Student Employment at 678-839-6431 or studentemployment@westga.edu 

  • How can I promote vacant positions on Handshake?

    Employers can contact Student Employment about promoting their vacant positions. 

    We will discuss the best way to promote your position:

    • Post your position early in the semester and participate in the Part-Time Opportunities fair held within the first two weeks of students returning in Fall.
    • Employer visit to campus and set up a information table or hold an information session
    • Student Employment can send out a mass email or text
    • Student Employment can post on our digital signage and make flyers 
  • Are there jobs that cannot be posted to Handshake?

    Yes, the following jobs will not be posted to Handshake:

    • Jobs that do not clearly indicate the employing organization’s name in any employment opportunity information
    • Jobs that require prospective employees to purchase products/services contingent upon their employment
    • Jobs in the adult entertainment industry
    • Jobs within organizations that have been judged by a court of law in the United States as being engaged in illegal activities
    • Jobs from organizations that have previously violated policies of Student Employment or other gross misconduct