Students obtain part-time employment while attending UWG for various reasons. You may need to work in order to meet educational and living expenses. You may work because you feel the experience could be a valuable part of your education. The skills you obtain from working complement your academic performance and communicate to future employers your ability to succeed in a professional setting.

Studies have shown that students who work do just as well or better academically than non-working students. In addition, working students are more likely to complete a degree program than non-workers. Working part-time allows students to become more “engaged” with their school and community and results in higher satisfaction with college life.

UWG offers a multitude of on-campus student employment opportunities that provides unique and positive, enriching means of gaining hands-on experience that complements academic pursuits.

Student Information About On-Campus Jobs

All student employment positions are posted on the UWG Human Resources site. Students can have up to two on-campus jobs but cannot exceed 29 hours of work total.

  1. Register
  2. Upload a resumé for approval
  3. Start searching and applying to jobs once the resume has been approved
  4. If an individual knows the job ID of the job they are searching for, enter it into the search bar to expedite the application process.

Visit the Graduate Student Assistantship page to search and apply for graduate assistantships at UWG.

Search University of West Georgia Student On-Campus Positions

Benefits of Working an On-Campus Job

  • Earn money to help pay your expenses
  • Reduce necessity for student loans
  • Get to know other students
  • Acquire valuable work experience for your resume
  • Opportunity to enhance fundamental work skills
  • Opportunity to sample different career choices
  • Valuable and practical career-related experiences
  • Connection to full-time staff interested in your success as a student
  • Opportunity for networking and develop relationships with professionals that can lead to letters of support/recommendation
  • Work with employers who tend to be more flexible with your hours
  • Opportunity to “engage” with UWG School and Community

Who is Eligible for Student On-Campus Employment?

Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for student on-campus positions. A Student Assistant (SA) is a part-time employee who is currently enrolled at University of West Georgia (UWG) with the primary goal of achieving a degree. Student Assistant positions are jobs located on campus. These jobs can range from clerical to landscaping positions and everything in between. Student Assistants can work up to 29 hours a week during the semester.

Any student currently enrolled in classes can apply for student assistant jobs on the Human Resources Website. However students given a graduate assistantship position cannot also hold a student assistant position.

What Documents Do I Need for Student Employment?

Before beginning work as a University of West Georgia student employee, among other things you must complete the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Form I-9 to verify your eligibility to work in the US. You will need to show Human Resources specific ORIGINAL, UNEXPIRED identification (copies are not permitted), as mandated by the federal government. View the acceptable forms of identification.

In addition, if you have not been paid by UWG previously, you will need to complete payroll tax forms, a W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Form and a State of Georgia Withholding Form.
Please Note: An exemption certificate is good for the calendar year. Any employee who claims “EXEMPT” from withholding is required to complete a new W-4 form by February 16th of each year to continue being exempt from the following year. Otherwise, his/her exemption will become single with 0.

All newly hired student employees will need to complete a new hire packet that will be sent by Human Resources.

Maximum Hours a Student Can Work Per Week

All student workers and graduate assistants can work a maximum of 29 hours per work week during the Fall and Spring semesters. During Academic Breaks and the Summer Semester student employees are permitted to work up to 40 hours a week.

The UWG work week is from Saturday through Friday. Your schedule will be set by your supervisor.

View the 2023 Pay Period Schedule (PDF, 105 KB) for bi-weekly pay cadence.

What is Federal Work-Study?

Federal Work-Study (FWS)is a federally-funded program that enables students to earn money for college costs through part-time employment. The program pays a portion of the student’s wages which allows the campus to provide more work opportunities on campus and select organizations to provide work opportunities off-campus. It is a limited-funds, need-based financial aid program in which eligible students work part-time on-campus and with a few-select positions that are available off-campus while enrolled at the University of West Georgia (UWG). Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year to apply for federal financial aid, including FWS. The Financial Aid Office at UWG uses the information reported to them from the FAFSA to establish a student's eligibility for employment through FWS. 

Federal Work-Study eligibility can be seen in the student’s BanWeb and is indicated as “offered”. Only students who have been “offered” FWS may apply for Federal Work-Study jobs. 

Student Employment strives to provide students opportunities for both on-campus and off-campus employment in part-time positions, which match their interests and skills and which may help them to grow personally and professionally.

Benefits of Federal Work-Study

  • Future Eligibility
  • Convenience
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Practical Work
  • Meaningful Work
  • Student Success

What is America Reads/America Counts?

America Reads/America Counts (ARAC) is a partnership between student employment and surrounding school districts. UWG students are trained to assist pre-k through fifth graders who need extra help learning to read and Kindergarten through ninth-graders who need extra help with their math skills. The tutors work off-campus in local schools. You need a minimum of a 2.75 GPA to participate in America Reads/America Counts. 

America Reads has been a part of our Federal Work-Study program since the 1997-1998 academic year.

Getting Involved

ARAC is part of the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program.  To become an ARAC tutor, a student must be offered FWS on their financial aid award. For incoming first-year students, they must be a HOPE Scholar recipient and for returning students, must have a 2.75 GPA and reliable transportation to the school where they will be assigned.


The ARAC Tutor positions are listed as an FWS position along with the other FWS job listings on Handshake.

In addition to the regular FWS job application process, each prospective tutor must sign a consent form to allow a criminal background investigation. Student employment will review the applications and notify the selected applicants.

Orientation and School Assignment

ARAC Tutors are required to attend mandatory tutor orientation and training throughout the course of their employment.

Participating Schools

Carroll County

  • Carrollton City Schools
  • Carrollton City After School Program
  • Sharp Creek Elementary

Coweta County

  • Arnco Sargent Elementary
  • Newnan High School
  • Ruth Hill Elementary

Douglas County

  • Bill Arp Elementary
  • Douglas County High School
  • North Douglas Elementary
  • Stewart Middle School

Haralson County

  • H.A. Jones Elementary After School Program

Students should NOT contact these schools directly. They must go through the formal process with the Student Employment office.

West Community Student Engagement Program

The University of West Georgia’s Community Outreach Program is a partnership between Student Employment and the local communities. UWG students are given the opportunity to work by giving back to the community. The Community Outreach Assistants (COA), work off-campus in non-profit organizations in the surrounding areas.

Getting Involved

Community Outreach is part of the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Community Service program.  To become a COA a student must be offered FWS on his or her Financial Aid Award, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, and must have reliable transportation to the assigned work locations.


The COA positions are listed as an FWS position along with the other FWS job listings on Handshake.

In addition to the regular FWS job application process, each prospective COA must sign a consent form to allow a criminal background investigation. Student Employment will review the applications, and notify selected applicants.

Orientation and Organization Assignment

COAs are required to attend orientation. This orientation is conducted with Student Employment.

UWG Faculty/Staff Information About On-Campus Jobs

Posting and Hiring of On-Campus Student Assistant Positions

  1. Fill out this Student Employment Job Posting Form
  2. Wait for communication from Student Employment in Human Resources to notify you the job has been posted
  3. Check applicants in your OneUSG portal under "Manager Self Service" for any open positions
  4. Fill out the UWG Student Assistant Hiring Form when you have selected the desired candidates
  5. Human Resources will then go through the entire approval chain and notify both you and the applicant when they can begin their hiring paperwork

Additional Resources