Embark on an exhilarating quest of self-discovery as you navigate the vast career possibilities afforded by a University of West Georgia degree. Here, we provide the compass to chart your unique course, helping you unleash your full potential and find the perfect fit for your passions and talents.

Major & Career Exploration

Tips for Choosing a Major

  1. Know your interests and passions
  2. Explore your interests if undecided by joining an organization, taking self assessments (see "Coaching Tab"), attending workshops, etc.
  3. Take general education courses first and see if something sparks your interest
  4. Talk to your advisor or career coaches to discover where a particular degree could take you
  5. Evaluate the amount of time, cost, and dividends associated with a particular field
  6. Look at job boards to see what career opportunities are possible
  7. Don't rush the process
  8. Assess your major and whether it is still helping you achieve what you want


Top Majors at UWG

Here at UWG, some of our top majors are Psychology, Biology, Elementary Education, Management, and Nursing. Some common careers include counseling, public school educators, medical/nursing professionals, and sales reps, but we offer much more. Come see our career coaches who can help you explore the right major for you.

Check out this full list of UWG Major and Minor Degrees.

Tips for Choosing a Career

  1. Examine yourself - What you enjoy and your values can help guide you to figure out what you want to do for a career.
  2. Reflect on your motivations - The reasons you are motivated to work can influence your decision to work in a particular environment.
  3. Assess your long-term goals - Knowing your personal and professional goals and keeping them at the forefront helps you determine if the work you are seeking will help you achieve those goals.
  4. Explore industries and sectors you are interested in - Discover the various types of careers and roles within a field.
  5. Focus on professional development - Take assessments (see "Coaching" Tab), workshops, seek professional resources and guidance, shadow those in certain roles you're interested in, and find out all you can about a particular career path.
  6. Evaluate - Evaluate your interests, values, and goals throughout the process.


Need help navigating this process? Our career coaches are happy to help you every step of the way. Click the "Coaching" tab to learn more.

Career Services has a team of career coaches ready to help you achieve your career dreams through strategic career planning, insightful career mapping, and empowering career education. Stop by the 3rd floor of the UCC or the Momentum Center anytime Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. for walk-in sessions with one of our career coaches.


Career Coaching Helps With . . .

Career Planning - Our team utilizes various resources to help you explore your interests, define your personal and professional goals, and connecting possible careers with your interests and goals.

Career Mapping - Once we have a clear vision of your interests and goals, we help you create a road map through establishing actionable steps. These mapping tools enable you to navigate various industries, chart your desired career trajectory, and identifies any skills and experiences you would need to reach your career destination.

Career Education - You have a full library of career resources available to you to help you at any step of your professional journey. These tools, workshops, help develop you professionally and can get you better connected with future employers.

Career Guidance - Our team is here to help in any way we can. We will help teach you best practices for finding and getting the job, review your resumes and cover letters, help you navigate searches, aid in making you stand out, connect you with potential employers, give guidance to your next steps, and much more.


Digital Career Coach

The digital career coach tool allows students to manage their own career coaching experience. Now, you can research and apply for career and internship opportunities connected to your major and/or career interests. This is completely free and you have access 24/7 from the comfort of your home or phone. Watch videos that provide insight into top companies and industries; search even more industries, majors, skills, and interest areas with ease! Your profile is tailored to your specific major and career interests. Lastly, learn what the best major and career pathways are for your personality type.

Use your UWG credentials to log in and start planning your career.

Meet Your Digital Career Coach


Focus2 Assessments

Take assessments that will match your interests and passions to a fitting career path through the Focus2 Portal. Use access code: Wolves

Focus2 Assessments