A. Rebekah Teal, JD, MTS

Rebekah Teal has a unique, broad background that includes not only university teaching, but also practicing law, creating and growing businesses, and writing a popular column in a national magazine.

Rebekah Teal teaches law, ethics, management, and entrepreneurship courses. She strives to provide tools to her students to support them in becoming successful and ethical leaders in business. "Connection with students is my favorite part of teaching!" she says enthusiastically.

As an attorney, Rebekah Teal has served in numerous capacities from general practitioner to felony prosecutor to juvenile court judge. Rebekah maintains her license and continues to serve her community with legal matters when time allows.

As an entrepreneur, Rebekah Teal has formed businesses in various industries, from private probation to consulting to agriculture.

Dr. Teal's research interests include the intersection between ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and corporate profit; benefit corporations; and recent developments in law.


  • B.A., Bachelor of Arts, Georgia State University, 1986
  • J.D., Juris Doctor, Georgia State University, 1989
  • M.A., Master of Arts, Spring Hill College, 2001

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