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Deon Kay

As a filmmaker I feel extremely lucky to be a faculty member in a position that serves two functions for me: firstly, I am able to make work the way I want to make it, to experiment and invent without having to worry about the confines of traditional distribution. I believe the work is richer and more honest because of this. Secondly, I am able to participate in a community, which is how I see teaching. I have over ten years of professional and technical experience that I am able to share with students in the classroom, but beyond this I am excited to be contributing to the Film Community at West Georgia, and helping to establish a film culture that expands on the classroom curriculum, throughout the University, and hopefully well beyond.

  • B.A., English Literature with Honors in Creative Writing, Brown University, 2002
  • B.A., Art Semoitics with Honors in Film and Video Production, Brown University, 2002
  • M.F.A., Film and Video Production, dept of Cinema and Comp Lit, University of Iowa, 2009

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  • COMM-3350 (Telecom & Electr Media Industr) Section: E01
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