Building Enhancement

UWG Newnan serves all levels of learners as the "front door" to new opportunities. This unique facility provides a true college experience from the first recruiting day through the student’s advancement of their college career and transitioning into their first full-time job after graduation.

The center creates a welcoming, convenient and progressive environment for prospective and current students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and corporate representatives to interact and engage with each other. Everyone experiences a sense of belonging to the UWG family.

Transform our campus by supporting one of our naming opportunities:

Nursing Suite

Courtyard (NAMED)

Harold and Polly Hammond Courtyard

Conference Room (NAMED)

Brigadier General Robin G. Tornow Conference Room

Lecture Hall (NAMED)

City of Newnan Lecture Hall

Science Labs (3 NAMED)

  • Joseph William Parks, Jr. MD Chemistry Laboratory
  • The Furniss Foundation Microbiology Laboratory
  • Eloise Efland Watson and Charlotte Rogers Smith General Sciences Laborator

Student Study Area (3) (1 NAMED)

SM/SGT Robert L. Heaberlin (USAF Retired) and Louise A. Heaberlin Student Study Area

Jackson Street Quad

Donor Wall

Tutoring-Writing Center (NAMED)

Shell-Coggin Tutoring-Writing Center

Student Lobby

Solarium (2) (1 NAMED)

Jennifer and Matthew Swope Solarium

Classrooms (5) (2 NAMED)

  • Kiwanis Club of Newnan Classroom
  • Phyllis W. Rogers

Campus Quad

Computer Lab (2)

  • Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Hubbard, Jr. - "Slick and Eleanor"
  • Coweta-Fayette EMC

Seminar Room

Simulation Rooms (6)

Director's Suite (NAMED)

Samuel Teague Ray, Sr. Directors' Suite

Teaching Materials Center (NAMED)

Ruth Musick Jackson TecHUB

Newnan Hospital Redevelopment (PDF)

Supporting Our Students: Scholarships

A scholarship gift is a powerful way to encourage our students to pursue a career that ignites their passions. We believe that a quality and unique educational experience is an important part of developing our industries’ future leaders. Because of scholarship gifts, Coweta County’s freshman level students that have shown exemplary leadership abilities and academic excellence will get additional hands-on learning opportunities like internships, service-learning and learning opportunities outside of the classroom helping to lay the foundation of future Coweta leaders. The First Generation Scholarship will support first generation students by giving them the freedom to enrich their own student experience. Your donations allow students to make the most of their time at UWG Newnan.

While supporting today’s students, scholarship gifts can also honor those who have made a difference in your life. Named scholarships can pay tribute to a loved one or special faculty member, preserve a family name, or highlight a company presence. Scholarships connect the past, present and future!

Enriching the Learning Experience: Faculty Support

UWG professors are recognized for their teaching. Faculty support provides opportunities for them to create knowledge and draw on new experiences to engage their students. These professors raise teaching to a new level while enhancing the Universities reputation in the academic community and attracting outstanding faculty to the campus.

Our goal is to:

  • Support travel experiences and academic endeavors that adds teachable experiences to the classroom.
  • Finance research to create new knowledge that is passed along to students.
  • Enriches the campus by keeping and attracting the best academic leaders in the industry.

Supporting Our Future: Endowment

Endowment support makes a difference today and in the future. Gifts to endowed scholarships and funds are invested, with a portion of the interest awarded each year while maintaining the principal so as to provide support in perpetuity.

Income from endowments generates money to:

  • Expand scholarships and increase student access to a University education.
  • Enhance faculty and student community engagement and service-learning.
  • Emphasize faculty development.
  • Fund programs, technology, and other critical resources.

Funds from the endowment are vital because it provides a dependable, perpetual source of funding thus creating a more financially stable institution. A robust endowment will enable UWG Newnan to directly support areas of greatest promise or need and seize timely opportunities.