Where can advertising be placed within the library?

Bulletin boards:

(located near the main and second floor bathroom) are the only places posters/flyers are allowed within the library. Items found anywhere else in the library will be removed and thrown away. In some cases, they will be reported to Center for Student Involvement and organizations can have their posting privileges suspended.

Dry Erase Boards:

Sometimes these boards are used to direct student traffic or inform students of current issues related to the library. Other than that, the dry erase boards are only available to help facilitate studying, not to be used to advertise student activities. 

Who can place posters and fliers in the library?

Student Groups/Organizations:

Organizations run by students (Greeks, clubs, etc.) may post fliers on the two bulletin boards in the library. They must obtain pre-approval at CSI before placing the posters. Posters and fliers without a stamp will be removed without notification. More information can be found in the current Student Organization Handbook.

University Departments:

Department poster/flyers should be properly labeled with the department name. They do not need to obtain permission to post to the boards. Please keep the posters to a minimum, as we do not have a lot of space.

Can individuals or businesses advertise in the library?

Individuals and businesses are not allowed to advertise in the library. Please note that off-campus entities must contact Auxiliary Services (678) 839-6525 to learn about advertising on campus.