The following computer security incidents should be reported. If you are not certain a violation has occurred, err on the side of caution and report the incident anyway.

  • Hacks & Cracks -- whether successful or merely attempted
  • Incidents of computer fraud, denial of service, system penetration or tampering 
  • Unauthorized use, alteration or destruction of data, software and equipment
  • Unauthorized access to computing facilities
  • Unauthorized use of computing and network services and equipment
  • Unauthorized access to and distribution of confidential information
  • Use of UWG computing facilities to commit illegal acts
  • Use of e-mail to harass or threaten (if you feel your immediate safety is in danger, please contact University Police @ (678) 839-6000)
  • Use of malicious code such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, and logic bombs
  • All violations of UWG IT policies, including the University's Acceptable Use Policy
  • Spam coming from UWG sources
  • Theft of computing equipment (Report to UWG Public Safety @ (678) 839-6000)

Successful and Attempted Computer Break-Ins

This would include hacking, probing, scanning, denial of service attacks, etc. Please forward a copy of relevant logs containing date, time, source IP address, destination IP address and port numbers. Also, please include the time zone your logs are time stamped. If you have any other pertinent information, please include that in your incident report. 

Unauthorized Access to Computer Account

Change your password immediately to help prevent further unauthorized access to your computer account. Document changes which have been made to your account or by your account, and the names of people who knew the password to your account.  Also, please include the date/time of any changes made to or by your account and the suspected date/time of the initial compromise of your account. 

Complaints about E-mail

This would include spam, virus-infected e-mails, harassing e-mails, etc. Please include the full headers for the e-mail you are reporting. In the case of virus-infected e-mails, please provide the name of the virus as identified by your anti-virus software. Threatening or harassing e-mails should also be reported to your local police department. 

Incident Report Procedure

Report an incident to the ITS Service Desk at