Faculty and Staff Directory - Information Technology Services
Name Department E-mail Phone #
Blake Adams Client Services badams@westga.edu 678-839-5053
Jerry Allen Infrastructure and Operations gallen@westga.edu 678-839-6010
Michael Allen Infrastructure and Operations mallen@westga.edu 678-839-2532
Alex Armstrong Client Services aarmstro@westga.edu 678-839-2456
Ben Aye-Addo Office of IT Strategic Planning bayeaddo@westga.edu 678-839-4910
Tamarsha Barnes Client Services tbarnes@westga.edu 678-839-5056
Stephanie Bogart Office of IT Strategic Planning sbogart@westga.edu 678-839-2554
Joshua Browning Information Solutions jbrownin@westga.edu 678-839-5063
Alan Byrd Client Services abyrd@westga.edu 678-839-4913
Anuradha Chandran Information Solutions achandra@westga.edu 678-839-5064
Michele Chastain Client Services michelec@westga.edu 678-839-6299
Denny Chasteen, P.E. Information Solutions dchastee@westga.edu 678-839-5560
Robert Chesser Information Solutions rchesser@westga.edu 678-839-6011
Angel Cobb Office of IT Strategic Planning acobb@westga.edu 678-839-2519
Jan Cooke Client Services jcooke@westga.edu 678-839-4912
Tammy Crews Client Services tcrews@westga.edu 678-839-5052
Eric Cummings Information Solutions ecumming@westga.edu 678-839-4748
Dale Driver Office of IT Strategic Planning ddriver@westga.edu 678-839-4907
Annemarie Eades V.P. of Information Technology Services Office aeades@westga.edu 678-839-6100
Rolanda Farmer Client Services rfarmer@westga.edu 678-839-6622
Joe Geter Information Solutions jgeter@westga.edu 678-839-5059
Abigail Goodwin Infrastructure and Operations agoodwin@westga.edu 678-839-6298
Vedat Gunay Office of IT Strategic Planning vgunay@westga.edu 678-839-6608
Philip Hand Office of IT Strategic Planning phand@westga.edu 678-839-2510
Leslie Harrison Office of IT Strategic Planning lharriso@westga.edu 678-839-3975
Brian Henderson Infrastructure and Operations bhenders@westga.edu 678-839-4004
Suzanne Horton Client Services shorton@westga.edu 678-839-5054
Ronald Huggins Infrastructure and Operations rhuggins@westga.edu 678-839-4011
Kathy Kral V.P. of Information Technology Services Office kkral@westga.edu 678-839-5051
Zachary LaVere Information Solutions zlavere@westga.edu 678-839-2262
Zachary Lee Information Solutions zlee@westga.edu 678-839-5060
Calandra Lewis Client Services clewis@westga.edu 678-839-5349
James McBrayer Client Services jmcbraye@westga.edu 678-839-5050
Brian McCrary V.P. of Information Technology Services Office bmccrary@westga.edu 678-839-6619
Alex Mercado Client Services amercado@westga.edu 678-839-6367
Tya Miller Client Services tmiller@westga.edu 678-839-6012
Ryan Morgan Client Services kennethm@westga.edu 678-839-6499
Andrew Nelson Information Solutions anelson@westga.edu 678-839-5269
Brian Nichols Office of IT Strategic Planning bnichols@westga.edu 678-839-6620
Tim North Infrastructure and Operations tnorth@westga.edu 678-839-4008
Todd Parrish Client Services tparrish@westga.edu 678-839-4902
Sarah Parsons V.P. of Information Technology Services Office sparsons@westga.edu 678-839-4971
Gray Poe Client Services gpoe@westga.edu 678-839-4914
Matt Purcell Infrastructure and Operations mpurcell@westga.edu 678-839-5505
Jacob Rawlings Client Services jrawling@westga.edu 678-839-6165
Chris Reece Client Services creece@westga.edu 678-839-5149
Jason Reese Infrastructure and Operations jreese@westga.edu 678-839-2512
Michelle Reid Infrastructure and Operations michelle@westga.edu 678-839-6475
Michael Richardson Information Solutions mrichard@westga.edu 678-839-5061
Eduardo Roque Diaz Information Solutions eroque@westga.edu 678-839-2522
Laurence Rose Client Services lrose@westga.edu 678-839-2456
Hugh Russell Information Solutions hrussell@westga.edu 678-839-4922
Justin Sellers Infrastructure and Operations jsellers@westga.edu 678-839-6013
Mardel Shumake V.P. of Information Technology Services Office mshumake@westga.edu 678-839-4007
Randy Simoneaux Academic Technology Services rsimonea@westga.edu 678-839-5516
Jacob Skinner Client Services jskinner@westga.edu 678-839-2545
Darah Smallwood V.P. of Information Technology Services Office dsmallwo@westga.edu 678-839-4002
Dwayne Smith Client Services dwaynes@westga.edu 678-839-2557
Jake Spain Infrastructure and Operations jspain@westga.edu 678-839-5206
James Stephens Client Services jstephen@westga.edu 678-839-3100
Christopher Swisher Client Services cswisher@westga.edu 678-839-6297
Reed Tanner Client Services rtanner@westga.edu 678-839-5034
Cheryl Taylor Information Solutions ctaylor@westga.edu 678-839-4003
Samuel Thompson Infrastructure and Operations samuelt@westga.edu 678-839-4009
Ambria Walker Client Services its-awalke46@westga.edu 678-839-6587
Gabe Whitt Infrastructure and Operations gwhitt@westga.edu 678-839-5069
Garth Wilson Client Services gwilson@westga.edu 678-839-4010
Tyler Woodard Information Solutions twoodard@westga.edu 678-839-6074
Rob Yawn Infrastructure and Operations ryawn@westga.edu 678-839-4006
Kyle Youngs Infrastructure and Operations kyoungs@westga.edu 678-839-4005