Colorful wolf statues

We want to see your design!

You’ve seen the large, howling wolves all over Carrollton, and now we are excited to bring this project back with tabletop-sized wolves. Submit your design by May 2, 2022, for a chance to be featured on its own crowdfunding site. 

Submit your design (PDF)

Once the top designs are selected, you could have the chance to have your wolf design featured on your very own crowdfunding site where friends, family and fellow alumni can donate in order for your design to be featured on your very own tabletop wolf! All donations go to support student scholarships at UWG. 


The deadline for submissions has been moved to May 2, 2022. Submissions can be scanned and emailed to or mailed to:

University of West Georgia
c/o Jess Lassetter
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, GA 30118

Note: Please use a 9x11” envelope and do not fold design entries.


If your design is selected to be a featured design, you will be sent a link to a crowdfunding page that features your design and speaks to your inspiration and a little about yourself. Each dollar donated will count as a “vote” and will help you to win a wolf that features your own design, as well as ensuring your design will be available for all future purchasers of wolves to choose to be on their wolf.