Culture – the environment, habits, norms, and attitudes surrounding the way the university operates. This is less about what we do than about how we do it.

Culture of High Performance – a culture in which employees are highly engaged, empowered, and well-lead, which enables and inspires each individual to excel at his or her job.

Engagement - percent engaged in this context means the percentage of satisfied employees in the group who feel their work environment motivates them to fully participate and work toward institutional goals.

Evidence-Based Leadership – a leadership model in which data and metrics form the foundation for all strategic planning and action.

Hardwiring Success – the process of integrating habits, actions, and strategies that result in success so completely that performing these behaviors becomes automatic or second-nature.

KPI – Key Performance Indicator, the metrics identified as the best and most important measures of the university’s success.

LDI – Leadership Development Institute, a one- to two-day training retreat for department heads, directors, supervisors, managers, VPs, Deans and other university leaders, which is intended to provide focused, high quality training in areas critical to the university’s growth and success.

Linkage – refers to the team tasked with linking each LDI with the university’s mission, vision, values, and strategic imperatives and providing follow-up and connection between retreats.

Mission – an institution’s main purpose of deliverable. The mission of the University of West Georgia (UWG) is to enable students, faculty, and staff to realize their full potential through academic engagement, supportive services, professional development, and a caring, student-centered community. UWG is committed to academic excellence and to community engagement, offering high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and community programs on-campus, off-campus, and online.

UWG, a charter member of the University System of Georgia (USG), is a comprehensive, SACSCOC level VI, public university, based in West Georgia with multiple instructional sites and a strong virtual presence. UWG supports students in their efforts to complete degrees in relevant programs, valuing liberal arts and professional preparation. Through effective and innovative teaching, experiential learning, scholarship, research, creative endeavor, and public service, UWG equips graduates to engage with and discover knowledge. UWG is dedicated to building on existing strengths and developing distinctive academic, research, and co-curricular programs and services that respond to economic development and identified regional, state and global needs, thus empowering alumni to contribute responsibly and creatively to a complex 21st Century global society.

Roadmap – an action plan for achieving success, complete with goals, tactics, metrics, and assessment.

Satisfaction – an employee’s self-declared level of satisfaction with his or her job.

SI – Strategic Imperative, the four major “goals” that comprise the university’s strategic plan.

Values – the attributes and actions an institution considers to be a vital part of its culture and success. UWG core values are: Achievement, Caring, Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Innovation, Integrity, Sustainability, and Wisdom.

Vision – a company or institution’s picture of what it wants to become in the future. The University of West Georgia aspires to be the best comprehensive university in America – sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed!