Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for our upcoming LDI on Friday, February 8, 2019, I wanted to provide some information on our focus for the day.  Attached is the agenda and goals for the day.  The theme for the year is "Learning in the Legacy Year!” and our theme for the day is "Institutional Goals & Campus Climate - UWG Values & Strategic Alignment!"  Special thanks to Dr. Yves-Rose Porcena and her team for the planning and programming of this important day!

At UWG, we define Legacy as “an expectation of excellence and accountability” that will only be achieved if we foster an environment of continued assessment and improvement. This dedication to create a legacy for our students, faculty, and staff — those who are here now or who will join us in the future—is at the heart of UWG’s efforts to improve campus climate.  To be the best comprehensive university in America – sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed, we must create an environment at UWG in which all people feel valued, engaged, and connected. This LDI will offer a workshop on implicit/unconscious bias aimed at supporting ongoing efforts to maintain and strengthen a climate of inclusive excellence and advance equity.  We will end the day with a guest speaker, Ms. Holly Moore, from Growing Leaders.  We have had the pleasure of hearing and being inspired by their message at our most recent Carrollton/Carroll County Education Collaborative Summit last July and again at our Senior High School Expo with Carroll County in August. Learning to engage with Generation Z will provide an important lens when implementing our inclusion goals and actions - meeting these young people where they are!

Goals of the LDI:
1.  Understand how biased behaviors affect employees’ performance, and institutional mission, vision, and values; and why it’s important to manage bias
2.  Discuss and practice strategies to reduce or eliminate biased behaviors
3.  Support ongoing efforts to improve campus climate for our faculty, staff, and students 

Again, it is important that you attend the LDI.  If you are not able to attend due to a conference or an emergency, please let your VP know and send a quick email to Courtney Chrisman,, by close of business, Monday, February 4.