This LDI marks our transition from the learning year to the living year and this session will focus intently on how to make that happen on a day-to-day basis.

We will begin by reconnecting to both the purpose of our work and the purpose of the LDIs by hearing from a student and a colleague how UWG is transforming lives. I'll be providing context for our day and sharing how I will translate what I've learned into our major initiatives and specific efforts I'm leading. We'll hear from CJ Woods about our Campus Diversity and Inclusion Report. And Keith Eigel will take us farther down the path of using what we've learned about our personality types to improve our leadership development, maturity and communication.

In addition, we'll hear from other members of senior leadership. Last year, we introduced the accountability concept of Presidential and VP scorecards; this year we will share results and discuss what we learned from assessment, continuous improvement and refined goal setting. We'll hear briefly from each of the four VPs, including our newest, Dave Fraboni, VP of University Advancement.

Further, we'll spend a significant portion of our day workshopping ideas and content for the new Engage West! Faculty and Staff Editions.

This is going to be a hard-working LDI and we will come away with important sharable learning that each of us will be expected to cascade to our teams in the following days and weeks. I look forward to getting into work mode with you and I encourage you to come prepared to listen, process, and contribute.