Dear LDI Participants,

As we continue our theme of "living" our learning this year, one area in which you have asked for additional training is conflict management!

This is an important topic because conflict is inevitable and can also be very positive if we work with it well. For much of this LDI, we'll talk about understanding conflict, ways to engage in active listening and reframing, and how personality type affects the way we understand and deal with conflict. We'll take some time to learn about campus resources and work together to provide input on ways to enhance our alternative dispute resolution process.

We'll also reconnect to our purpose by hearing from Blair Fox, a student in the Richards College of Business, about ways her experiences at UWG--in the classroom and community--have shaped her growth. We'll hear from Melanie McClellan about UWG's commitment to community engagement. And, we've also carved out a brief time for sharing what we learned in discussions with our Cross Mentoring Groups (or in our own independent work, for those who opted out of CMG participation) regarding reclaiming balance in our lives.

I think this will be an extremely productive day and I'm looking forward to learning and growing along with you. Please remember to bring your Golden results along with your energy, your enthusiasm, and your commitment to making UWG the best place to work, learn, and succeed!