As we approach our fourth LDI, we have much to be excited about. We’ve worked hard over the last year to iron out the wrinkles and find what works best for UWG and our people. We’re programming our retreats to empower the strategic plan and we’re focusing intently on developing strong, effective leadership skills. At this and future retreats, we will be emphasizing individual leadership development, strategic planning and assessment, addressing difficult dialogues and communication-building. We feel these areas are critical to developing the inclusive, strategy-minded culture of high achievement and evidence-based leadership.

UWG is committed to building a world-class leadership team and we are serious about reaching that goal. These retreats are important not only because of the training and development activities delivered, but because of the opportunity for cross-departmental discussion and collaboration among colleagues with varying experiences, expertise, and viewpoints. Through these dialogs and relationships, we can increase our level of learning and break down traditional barriers that prevent efficient operation, open communication, and innovation.