We are well into the "Living Year" in our Engage West! journey and have our next LDI this Friday, November 6. The theme for the day is "Maximizing Your Impact On Others!"

We will begin the day at 9am by hearing from one of our loyal donors on why he supports UWG...his affinity and passion for giving back. I'll be providing context for our day...highlighting some of our recent awards, the reality of where we are and where we are heading, recalibrating "the why" (hint - Transforming Lives!), and why we need everyone focused on impacting others.

We'll then take some time to review a COSS study on "Work-Life Balance" and hear from our Engage West! Staff Edition presenters on this important subject. Keith will continue this focus - "Owning Your Balance." We will break for lunch and social activities and conclude the day with an informative presentation and workshop understanding our current student characteristics and discussing the factors that influence retention, progression and graduation.

It will be a shorter day...ending at approximately 3pm...but a full day. Most importantly, we will finish Friday's retreat with the call to communicate what you are learning and practice what you are learning with the goal of impacting others and our environment. This is the "Living Year!"