Greek Village 2009 Welcome!

The Greek Village at the University of West Georgia opened in Fall 2009 with chapter houses accommodating 18 NPC, IFC and NPHC sororities and fraternities. The village is a place where Greek organizations can create a unique community that helps create stronger bonds both between members and between their respective organizations. 

This community enhances Fraternity and Sorority Life at UWG by attracting potential members and providing a residential site for Fraternities and Sororities to flourish and expand. If you would like more information about Going Greek, please explore the Center for Student Involvement! For specific questions about Greek Housing, contact UWG Greek Housing at or call 678-839-2866. 

Greek Village Housing
House Chapter
House A Kappa Delta
House B Sigma Chi
House C Sigma Kappa
House D Alpha Xi Delta
House E Phi Delta Theta
House F Alpha Gamma Delta
House G Tau Kappa Epsilon
House H Delta Zeta
House I Pi Kappa Alpha
House J Phi Mu
House K Transfer
House L Kappa Alpha Order
House M Transfer
House N Alpha Sigma Phi
House O Chi Omega
House P Kappa Sigma

Greek Village Housing

  • House: House A
    Chapter: Kappa Delta

  • House: House B
    Chapter: Sigma Chi

  • House: House C
    Chapter: Sigma Kappa

  • House: House D
    Chapter: Alpha Xi Delta

  • House: House E
    Chapter: Phi Delta Theta

  • House: House F
    Chapter: Alpha Gamma Delta

  • House: House G
    Chapter: Tau Kappa Epsilon

  • House: House H
    Chapter: Delta Zeta

  • House: House I
    Chapter: Pi Kappa Alpha

  • House: House J
    Chapter: Phi Mu

  • House: House K
    Chapter: Transfer

  • House: House L
    Chapter: Kappa Alpha Order

  • House: House M
    Chapter: Transfer

  • House: House N
    Chapter: Alpha Sigma Phi

  • House: House O
    Chapter: Chi Omega

  • House: House P
    Chapter: Kappa Sigma