Greek Village 2009


The Greek Village at the University of West Georgia opened in Fall 2009 and officially transitioned to The Village in July 2019. The Village is a place where Registered Student Organizations (RSO) can create a unique community that helps create stronger bonds both between members and between their respective organizations. 

This community enhances Registered Student Organizations at UWG by attracting potential members and providing a residential site for these RSOs to flourish and expand. If you would like more information about becoming a member of an RSO, please explore the Center for Student Involvement! 

If you have questions or would like additional information about applying for a House in The Village, contact us at

The Village Housing
House Chapter
House A Kappa Delta
House B Sigma Chi
House C Sigma Kappa
House D Alpha Xi Delta
House E Phi Delta Theta
House F Alpha Gamma Delta
House G Tau Kappa Epsilon
House H Delta Zeta
House I Pi Kappa Alpha
House J Phi Mu
House K Transfer
House L Kappa Alpha Order
House M Transfer
House N Alpha Sigma Phi
House O Chi Omega
House P Vacant

The Village Housing

  • House: House A
    Chapter: Kappa Delta

  • House: House B
    Chapter: Sigma Chi

  • House: House C
    Chapter: Sigma Kappa

  • House: House D
    Chapter: Alpha Xi Delta

  • House: House E
    Chapter: Phi Delta Theta

  • House: House F
    Chapter: Alpha Gamma Delta

  • House: House G
    Chapter: Tau Kappa Epsilon

  • House: House H
    Chapter: Delta Zeta

  • House: House I
    Chapter: Pi Kappa Alpha

  • House: House J
    Chapter: Phi Mu

  • House: House K
    Chapter: Transfer

  • House: House L
    Chapter: Kappa Alpha Order

  • House: House M
    Chapter: Transfer

  • House: House N
    Chapter: Alpha Sigma Phi

  • House: House O
    Chapter: Chi Omega

  • House: House P
    Chapter: Vacant