Heritage or history month celebrations are important on a college campus as they help to provide a space to teach and learn about the too-often neglected other stories that make up our nation’s cultural and diverse history. While we hope that contributions made by all groups of people are acknowledged throughout the year, heritage/history months provide the opportunity to reflect and recognize the complexities and richness of each culture or group. Heritage/history month recognitions do not attempt to address these complexities, but rather provide us with a moment to learn and celebrate the more visible and known aspects of a group’s culture, but more importantly to let our colleagues and students know that we value their culture or group’s contributions.

We invite you to take the opportunity during each history/heritage month to show colleagues and students that you are aware of the importance of their stories within the greater American narrative:

  • Attend a campus event.
  • Visit the display at Ingram Library. 
  • Better yet, integrate aspects of the culture or group that is being recognized in your everyday programming or work.

UWG celebrates each of the following heritage or history months.