Who is the LAB?

The Leadership Advisory Board (LAB) is the premiere leadership board on campus, facilitating educational programs and workshops on leadership, personal and professional development, teambuilding, and other special topics for interested organizations, campus departments, and academic classes. The primary goal is to increase awareness of how to be an effective leader, work as a team, and create a dialogue that explores campus involvement and perception of leadership.

LAB commits to ensuring that all UWG students grow as student and professional leaders and take action by:

  • Creating an environment where students can grow and learn about themselves

  • Increasing appreciation in differences

  • Limiting the perception that leaders have to look and act a certain way to be effective

  • Understanding the impact that everyone has in a thriving campus community

  • Increasing student engagement on campus

How to join the Leadership Advisory Board

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA 2.50 or higher and be in good disciplinary standing
  • Attend all required team meetings and training sessions
  • Have strong oral and written communication skills
  • Exhibit a commitment to leadership development and inclusion
  • Display a willingness to learn more about topics and issues that affect students each day
  • Demonstrate strong leadership, interpersonal, and presentational skills

LAB Programs

Lead Lunch

Each month, leadership programs hosts student leaders from various organizations to discuss relevant leadership topics and participate in interactive activities.

During this free luncheon, student have the opportunity to also engage with university leadership and community leaders to form networking relationships and provide input about student engagement on campus. 

Leadership On-Demand

LAB provides practical opportunities for students to develop and apply leadership awareness, knowledge, competencies and skills. As peer mentors, LAB facilitates specialized workshops and programs for students, organizations and departments. 

Visit the LAB WolfConnect page to request LAB for leadership workshops, classroom presentations or tabling opportunities.

Leadership To Go

The leadership certificate program provides students with non-academic credit for leadership training. Upon completion of a development track, students will receive a certificate of completion.

Leadership tracks include:

  • Personal Leadership,
  • Emerging Leadership,
  • Global & Intercultural Leadership,
  • and Organizational Leadership.