The glossary below contains various terms that are used regularly by members of fraternities and sororities. 


A member who has been initiated into lifelong fraternity or sorority membership and participates in chapter activities at the collegiate level


An initiated fraternity or sorority member who has graduated from college or withdrawn from the campus


The pin of an initiated member or new member


A formal invitation to membership in a fraternity or sorority

Call or Chant

An audible sound used by members to acknowledge or gain the attention of other members. Calls may vary regionally within organizations and some organizations may use more than one call.


The local collegiate group of a national fraternity or sorority

Continuous Open Bidding (COB)

The period outside of formal recruitment when a fraternity or sorority with membership may extend bids.

Collegian/Collegiate Member

A formally initiated member of a fraternity or sorority

College Panhellenic Council (CPC)

The governing body of the seven Panhellenic sororities at UWG


The same as being initiated. The term means different things to different groups, but generally means crossing over from being a pledge to being a full member


The term used to refer to someone who de-pledged or stopped pledging

Formal Recruitment

A period of structured membership selection


A name applying to all Greek Letter organizations by ritual, pin, and strong ties to friendship and moral principles


A distinct dance done specifically by Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.; usually done at functions

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

One of three governing body of fraternities at UWG

Informational Meeting

A meeting to gain insight about an organization


A discrete process that an individual goes through to become a recognized member of a NPHC or MGC organization


A formal ceremony that brings about the transition from new members to initiated members


A family member of a fraternity or sorority member


A term somewhat equal to a new member class

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

A council governing the culturally based organizations


New member of an NPHC or MGC organization

New Member (Aspirant or Candidate)

A person who has promised to join a fraternity or sorority, but has not been initiated


A charity undertaken by fraternity or sorority chapters on a campus, community, or national level.


The active pin is worn on the chest designating an initiated member of a certain chapter. A new member pin is similar and is used to designate a new member of a chapter.

Potential New Member (PNM)

A person interested in being a member of a fraternity or sorority


During the last part of Panhellenic sorority recruitment, a potential new member determines which particular sorority she is willing to join. The potential new member lists three sororities in her order of preference


The specified number of new members each Panhellenic sorority can accept during formal recruitment


A letter written by a member of the fraternity or sorority recommending men or women for membership

Recruitment Counselor (RC)

A sorority member who has disaffiliated during Recruitment to assist Potential New Members.


The values and beliefs by which members of an organization live which is oftentimes depicted in organizational ceremonies


An organization of women that emphasizes leadership and personal development, banded together for education, philanthropic, civic, and social purposes


A line dance done by members of cultural Greek organizations; usually done at functions