We care about commuters!

As a commuter, you may find it challenging to find your community, and connect academically and socially to campus. The Center for Student Involvement and Inclusion strives to provide commuter students with the tools and resources to assist in your success and make the most of your experience at UWG.

Commuter students make up about 75% of the undergraduate student body with 35% of the total commuter population being first-year students. Commuter students are a part of the diverse population at West Georgia representing students who:

  • Live at home and travel to campus
  • Reside in an off campus neighborhood adjacent to campus
  • Reside in an off campus community outside of Carrollton city or Carroll county
  • Are traditional and non-traditional students
  • Are full- and part-time students
  • Are an undergraduate and graduate student
  • Are a parent and/or caregiver

Stay Connected

We understand that you are balancing more that a daily commute; you often have to balance home, social, and academic responsibilities. Therefore, we want to ensure you are staying connected with what is happening on campus when you are away.

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