Student Affairs and Enrollment Management FY14 Goals

  1. In collaboration with University Communications and Marketing, develop and implement a comprehensive integrated marketing plan that operationalizes our Enrollment Management Plan.
  2. Develop a more Strategic Scholarship Distribution Program to meet Enrollment and Student Profile Goals
    • Presidential Scholarships
    • Superior Out-of-State Waivers
    • General Scholarship Program
    • Departmental and Named Scholarships
  3. Create a more strategic and collaborative  “signature programs” series to assure vibrancy of campus life
    • Calendaring/Scheduling—Coordinate for Maximum Impact
    • Publicizing/Describing
    • Alignment with Intended Learning Outcomes
    • Incentive Program for Student Attendance/Engagement
  4. Completely Revamp Divisional Website and Technology Presence
    • Make sure all content is current and accurate
    • Develop internal procedures to monitor and reexamine
    • Increase access to information, functionality,  and interactive opportunities (can we make our pages more engaging for online learners?)
    • Social Media – collaborative, intentional efforts using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
      • A more direct and coordinated approach
    • Maximize the use of the University Events Calendar
  5. Enhance the SAEM Graduate Assistant Program and Collaboration with the College Student Affairs Program
    • Development and Training of Supervisors of Graduate Assistants
    • Professional Development for Graduate Assistants
    • Re-conceptualize GA Selection Process
  6. Assessment
    • Finalize the Divisional Assessment Program to clearly demonstrate impact of programs and services in each functional area
    • Specifically target assessment efforts to support Complete College Georgia and Retention, Progression, and Graduation initiatives
      • Look at needs of Under-Represented Populations and target programs and services to meet needs
      • Veterans, Adult Learners, LGBT Community
  7. Focus Divisional Efforts to identify and serve At-Risk students (and Student Populations)
    • Full Complete College Georgia/RPG Plan Implementation for FY14 Goals
    • Improve tracking and data analysis for Freshmen and Sophomores
    • Increase our Retention rate 2% each year for Freshman and Sophomores
  8. Focus on Collaboration in all initiatives
    • Off-Campus Apartments/Housing relationships
    • Newnan Campus
    • Internal collaborations with Academic Affairs and other units
  9. Explore and Develop a proposal for the TRIO/SSS Grant