Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall have broad responsibility for:

  1. Planning and facilitating the activities of the Senate, including the following functions: assigning Senators to Senate standing committees and subcommittees; creating ad hoc Senate committees and assigning Senators; assigning Senators to such non-Senate university committees, task forces, and search committees as needed; and proposing legislation to the Senate that the Executive Committee may deem appropriate.
  2. Overseeing the election of the officers of the Senate, including receiving nominations, organizing and supervising elections, monitoring compliance, adjudicating challenges, and certifying the results.
  3. Interviewing candidates for university-wide positions and providing evaluations to the appropriate search committees.

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the chairs of the Senate standing committees, the Chair of the Senate, the Past Chair or Chair-Elect of the Senate, the Executive Secretary, the President of the University, and the Provost of the University.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Dan Williams - Chair 
  • Colleen Vasconcellos - Executive Secretary 
  • Brendan Kelly - President of the University
  • David Jenks - Interim Provost of the University

Standing Committee Chairs 

  • Rosemary Kellison - Undergraduate Programs Committee
  • Connie Barbour - Graduate Programs Committee
  • Emily McKendry-Smith - Academic Policies Committee 
  • Mark Faucette - Faculty Development Committee
  • Cale Self - Institutional Planning Committee
  • Ellie Towhidi - Student Affairs Committee
  • John Hansen - Facilities and Technology Committee
  • Kathleen Barrett - Intercollegiate Athletics and University Advancement Committee
  • Laurie Kimbrel - Budget Committee  
  • Angela Branyon - Rules Committee
  • Nathan Rees - Diversity and Internationalization Committee
  • Rebecca Gault - Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Committee